How To Create A Work Culture In Your Small Business That Attracts Millennials

how to create company culture attracts millennials

How to create a work culture in your startup that attracts millennials You can call them Millennials, Facebookers, Screenagers and whatnot, but you have to acknowledge the fact that more than 50 percent of them are expected to make up your workforce by 2020. For this reason, you have to modify your work culture according to the mindset and personalities of the millennials. More and more businesses are already starting to reinvent their work culture to entice the Millennials at their organizations. And, why shouldn’t they? Generation Z is the present and the future. They are known to be more educated, more intelligent, and workers with a strong professional ethic. 

From the position of a startup, you are already in an advantageous space for attracting Millennials at your workplace. Both startups and Generation Z are the talks of the town in today’s world, and if they start working with one another, their chemistry can truly shape the world of tomorrow. Although, it is not easy creating a work culture that attracts Millennials. Despite, everything that is good about the Millennials, they are more challenging to work with regarding their expectations and demands. 

While creating a work culture in your startup that attracts the Millennials, keep in mind the following things : 

Give Them A Purpose 

According to the research done by Intelligence Group about Millennials, they found that 64% of them think that creating the world a better place is a top priority. The recent advancements that Google has come up with are because they provided their workforce with a culture that gave them a purpose higher than just making money, and leading a satisfied life. The millennials see complacency as a disease, and they are the existentialist children of the world. They need a greater purpose to work, and as an organization, if you provide them with that, there can be nothing better. Apart from their regular work, give them the opportunity to explore unchartered territories and come up with something that can make the world a better place. This will keep them motivated to work, increase their work productivity - and, who knows, maybe they actually can come up with something that will potentially change the world. 

Don’t Boss Them Around 

Around 80 percent of the Millennials don’t want a boss. They would rather like a coach or a mentor, and believe in working in a collaborative work environment rather than a competitive one. As an owner of a startup, it is will be the only natural for you to work with your team collaboratively. If you keep telling your Millennials what to do and how to do it, they will go on to start their own business and haunt you as competitors. As a leader, you have to make them feel that they are working for themselves, and not for a company that is busy churning out money. To do this, you also have to provide them with enough opportunities to grow themselves. Become a good leader, not merely a boss, and see your Millennials foster themselves and your company. 

Provide A Flexible Work Schedule 

According to the same research done by the Intelligence group, a staggering fact came into the picture - more than 70 percent of the Millennials want a more flexible work schedule. The reason behind this is, Millennials are inherently busy people. They have a lot on their platter, and time always falls short. No matter how wrong it may sound to you as a startup leader, you have to acknowledge this fact. Since you are a startup, the quality of your work is of the essence, not the number of hours your team works. So, if your employees can manage to do great work in their own terms, so be it. Your job is to get the work done, at what time your team does it is not important - well, at least not in today’s generation. 

Final Thoughts 

Working with the Millennials is not as difficult as it seems. All you have to do is, think like them, and half of your job is done. To think like them, you have to actively interact with them and get to know their psyche. Once you do that, you can also come up with your own strategies that will help your startup in creating a culture that entices Millennials and churns out maximum work out of them.

Adela Belin is a private educator, blogger and a writer at Writers Per Hour. She shares her teaching experience with colleagues, students, and writers on her website and other top online publications.

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I hope you enjoyed this article about how to create a work culture in your SMB or lean startup that attracts and retains Millennials and Gen Z.

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