Tech Slip Ups That Most Businesses Are Making

If you’re a business owner and you don’t know that technology is a central part of your business, it’s a wonder that you’ve survived so long. Everybody understands the role that it plays and most companies put a good amount of resources into it, but buying a load of expensive computers for the office and putting out some content on social media isn’t enough. So many businesses are still making big mistakes when it comes to handling their tech, and it could be costing them. Even though you think that you’re on top of it, these are the things that you’re probably getting wrong.

Illegal Software 

A surprising number of companies are using computer software illegally. In fact, around 22 percent of business software in the United States is not licensed properly. I’m not suggesting that companies are deliberately stealing the programs that they’re using, they’re just making mistakes when it comes to licensing it in the right way. The laws around software are quite complicated and if you’re using a personal license for business purposes, you’re breaking the law. It’s also illegal to borrow software from somebody else. Manufacturers are trying to clamp down on this and if you get caught, you could get slapped with a hefty fine. 

Lack Of Tech Support 

Most companies put enough resources into setting up computer systems, but they neglect valuable maintenance. When your company is so reliant on computers, any problems can bring everything grinding to a halt. That’s why it’s vital that you hire somebody that has done college computer networking programs designed to teach them everything they need to know about building and maintaining an effective computer system. Some companies choose to outsource but having somebody on hand at all times means that problems are fixed quicker and everybody can get back to work. 

Decisions Based On Personal Preference 

When you’re using your computer at home, you’ll have a preferred operating system. The natural thing to do would be to use that in the office. But that’s not always the best thing. For example, if you prefer Windows but you’re running a creative design agency, Mac is the best thing to use for your business. Even if you don’t like using it, you’ll have to just get used to it. If you base your decisions on what you like using instead of what is best for the business, you’ll just end up limiting yourself. 

Not Backing Up 

I’m guilty of not backing up my files as regularly as I should, but when it’s just on my personal computer, it doesn’t matter all that much. I should still do it but there isn’t anything hugely important that I could lose. But when you’re running a business it’s vital. You’ve got thousands of important files and if you end up losing them all, you’ll run into some problems. Always make sure that you’re backing up regularly in more than one location, that way you’re protected against any malfunctions. 

You might think that you’re on top of your company’s tech, but until you correct these mistakes, you aren’t.

I hope you enjoyed this article about avoiding the tech slip ups that most businesses are making. 

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