4 Exciting Technological Advancements To Follow

exciting technological advancements to follow

The most exciting thing in the world for many people out there is following the newest technological advancements of the world. They want to hear about all the crazy ideas which are, or will be, materializing in the near future. People even get excited to hear about the technologies the the world could experience in next century, ignoring the fact that they are not going to live long enough to experience it themselves. One look at recent popular science fiction books or movies shows you that we're fascinated by the technology of our future society. Reading about the technology of the future is the source of entertainment for many. Here are some of the most important future technologies that are already starting to change the world: 

Self-Driving Cars

This is a bad news for some of the Cab / Taxi / Uber / Lyft drivers out there. The world is quickly moving towards a greater number of even more advanced self-driving cars. Although we have this technology right now, it is not as safe or affordable as companies and regulating bodies want them to be. This technology allows the vehicle to communicate with other vehicles through some special artificial intelligence (AI) which helps to avoid any chance of the accident. This will allow the riders the freedom to use all the valuable commuting time for more socializing, work, learning, or even playing video games. No texting an driving to worry about and DUI's would be significantly minimized (at least in theory). 

One of the biggest gifts of the 20th century was the cars. Self-driving cars could end up being the biggest gift of the 21st century. Electric cars like the Tesla created by innovator Elon Musk are incredible and will grow in popularity, but in some ways self-driving cars have shifted the focus from clean vehicles. 

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality and augmented reality are finally coming into their own and growing in both complexity and popularity. 

Right now though, the gadgets which we have to create virtual reality use only our visual sense. With the help of graphene, the scientists are cooking some special suits on the stoves of their labs which will not only respond to every movement of the body, but will also make the wearer feel everything that he sees. 

Not only this, companies like Samsung and Facebook are investing billions of dollars to make the VR and AR technology immersive and affordable. Engineers are expecting to take this technology to the furthest extent of manipulating 3D objects and creating an incredible VR user experience. 

Drones & Flying Cars

"Roads? Where we are going, we don’t need roads” said Doc Brown from the memorable movie Back to the Future. His words were actually referring to 2016 and unfortunately we're not close to achieving this one. Recently many big companies like Jeff Bezos' Amazon have used drones to send and receive parcels, with impressive results. 

This successful shipping experiment opened the floodgates for many eventual potential opportunities transporting humans via drone or similar machine. If product shipments can be delivered with the help of drones and GPS, then why not humans from one place to another? Today's drone and GPS technology is far more advanced and every year we grow closer to Doc Brown's vision of the future. . 

High-Quality Online Education

Online education is a decentralized network of information nodes that are linked using hypertext. This is the current status of our online education system. 

With the continuous addition of courses on the internet through different online colleges and universities, online education is going to be the top most priority of the masses even surpassing the traditional methods in next couple of decades. 

All of the courses on the internet are produced by the top professors who are spreading their knowledge either in written form or in the video form which you can get for free from video streaming websites like YouTube and top educational institutes. 

Online education has come so far that the Encyclopedia Britannica which used to cost $1,400 now available free with a click thanks to sites like Wikipedia and Bill Gates' Khan Academy. 

Technology Time

The world is rapidly changing and you'll need to stay up to date on these innovative and improving technologies. Every technological advancement brings with it opportunity for daring entrepreneurs to embrace and make a dent in the universe. 

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I hope you enjoyed this article about some exciting new tech sectors to follow closely.

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