Lessons From Our Social Media Journey at Profiting Tools

I'm Taylor from ProfitingTools.com and I wanted to share what we have learned throughout our company's social media journey so far. This is by no means a post on "How To Grow Your Followers" or anything like that. Just a post about some of the best lessons we have learned from our journey on social media thus far! 

The goal of this is to hopefully help you learn from our successes and failures so far and leverage them so that you can save time and money while growing your own social media accounts

We have been working on our company ProfitingTools.com for over a year now, so we are just getting started, and really started to leverage social media about 8 months ago (our username on all platforms is @ProfitingTools ). Needless to say we have learned a lot and we are trying new things every day to see what is working and what is not working. Below are just a handful of the top business lessons that we have learned an pieces of advice that we can share after many months of trial and error. Hope you enjoy! 

1. Go All In On Hash Tags

Not only will hashtags help to get your account found by people who have similar interests as you, but they also allow you the opportunity to create ongoing relationships with those people.

Almost everybody on social media knows that including hashtags in your pictures helps to gain a following of like minded people and start to grow your page. On Instagram we found that 20-30 hashtags work the best for engagement and to add them in a separate comment after your caption so that they don't clutter up the message you are trying to get across in your caption. On Twitter the character limit usually restricts you to a few hashtags.

Another effective way that we found to use hashtags was to search some niche hashtags, for example if your general hashtag was "#Entrepreneur" then the niche one could be "#internetmarketing". Then after searching those, start to DM, comment, like and follow the users posting about that topic to start conversations and start building relationships with those accounts. 

2. Don't Forget Direct Messages

The second lesson we are sharing revolves around using the Direct Message (DM) feature on the platforms such as Twitter and more importantly, we have seen it work the best on Instagram. The countless DM spam on Twitter makes it almost like white noise, while the DM's are a little less frequent and higher quality on Instagram

The strategy that we have found to work the best over DM is to just start up conversations and build relationships with others in your niche. A great way we found to start these conversations and build these relationships is by offering them value/ giving them a reason to talk to you, like helping them solve a problem they're having, give them a piece of advice, etc. 

Then once you have started that conversation, don't forget to follow up or stay in touch to keep the relationship. Create a friend and build trust on DM because people buy from who they trust. 

3. Utilize The Search Feature

We use this feature on all the platforms for a variety of reasons such as finding what hashtags to put on our Instagram business pictures. We do this by searching a hashtag and then seeing how many posts there are using that hashtag, it will tell you at the bottom, and then picking mostly hashtags with at least 500,000 posts about it. We also change it up and put a few hashtags that have a lower amount of posts on them, say around 100,000, and put those on there for a better chance at being in the top posts for that hashtag. 

Another great way to use the search, mostly on Twitter, is to search trending hashtags and then create Tweets  / posts using that hashtag, to gain ore exposure. Also you can engage and comment on Tweets that have the similar hashtags as well to start building even more relationships and getting more attention. 

4. Use Engagement Groups & Shout Outs. 

Engagement groups, where you create a DM group that likes and comments on each others posts, and shout outs where your shout out other people's accounts and they do they same for you, are very popular right now on Instagram. We found that these do work very well to gain the attention from their followings as well, but can take away from the value of your page. 

We found that to keep the amount of time spent in groups to a minimum is important to focus on the larger picture tasks and not spend hours returning likes. Also, keep shout outs to a minimum so that you can still share all of your valuable content, without cluttering your page with shout outs every post. This helps to keep the "theme" of your page and keeps your followers happy. 

5. Leave Genuine Comments & Create Genuine Conversations

If you scroll through Instagram you will see a ton of emoji comments or comments like "great post." Don’t be that guy, leave genuine comments so that you can start real conversations and build relationships or help solve their problems. Fake comments never helped anyone create a community or grow a following. 

Well those were a couple of the valuable business lessons we have learned on our social media journey so far, hope you enjoyed! If you found any value in these lessons follow our social media accounts @ProfitingTools and check out our website to get connected with the top business and entrepreneurship tools at www.Profitingtools.com.

I hope you enjoyed this article about the business lessons learned by Profiting Tools on their social media marketing journey.

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