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Restaurant Makeover, Restaurant Takeover, Restaurant Impossible. Bar Rescue. And many episodes of 'The Profit'. There are plenty of great TV shows highlighting the challenges in ownership, management, branding, and customer service in the restaurant industry. I'm a big fan of the newer ones Bar Rescue with Jon Taffer and The Profit with Marcus Lemonis

Here are some of my favorite quotes from Marcus Lemonis and Jon Taffer from The Profit and Bar Rescue television shows:

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1)  "Take ownership of failure and than you'll own success." -Jon Taffer of Bar Rescue

2)  "If you don't work for it, why do you think you deserve it?" - Marcus Lemonis of The Profit

3)  "If I hit a home run 80% of the time and you want to talk about the 20% of times I miss swinging the bat, I'm OK with that." - Jon Taffer of Bar Rescue

4)  "I belive in people, process, and product. But people are the most important thing." - Marcus Lemonis of The Profit 

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5)  "High performance, high reward. Low performance, there's the door." - Marcus Lemonis of The Profit

6) "I don't embrace excuses. I embrace solutions." - Jon Taffer of Bar Rescue

7)  "The best deals are when both parties that come to an agreement feel just a little bit uncomfortable." - Marcus Lemonis of The Profit

8)  "If you don't love what you do, then you shouldn't do it." -Marcus Lemonis of The Profit 

Thanks Jon Taffer and Marcus Lemonis for these great quotes on Bar Rescue and The Profit TV shows!

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