Vince McMahon Quotes

Vince McMahon Quotes

Vince McMahon Quotes: No Chance In Hell You Outquote Him

While professional wrestling is obviously fake, the massive revenue generation of this sports entertainment industry is as real as it gets. Originally just an unorganized spectacle in niche markets, pro wrestling over the past 20-30 years has significantly eclipsed the less relevant and corrupt real sport of boxing. And it competes head to head with UFC and other professional contact sports like the NFL, even more so with XFL 2.0 coming out in 2020. 

The person responsible for creating this multi-billion dollar industry is none other than Vincent Kennedy McMahon, CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment. Vince's WWE has stood the test of time and continues to evolve with changes in media, fan interests, and its competitors. The business of pro wrestling is a topic I will be covering in the near future in a full-length article. But for now, enjoy these great motivational business quotes from the billion-dollar business mastermind himself, Vince McMahon:

Vince McMahon Quote

1)  "I've never met a man who was better than me. At the same time, I'm no better than anyone I've ever met."

2)  "The worst sound in our business is silence."

3)  "Giving it to the audience is probably the easiest thing. Finding out what they truly want is probably the most difficult."

4)  "You do the best you can every day... after that you can't worry about it. You've got to let go."

Vince McMahon Quoted

5)  "We look at everything as an entertainment vehicle."

6)  "Sometimes you have to take a half step back to take two forward."

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7)  "I'm not too good at lying still in the sun." 

8)  "I'm driven more today than I ever have been." 

Thanks for the motivational business quotes Vince McMahon!

Vince McMahon Quoting

I hope you enjoyed these quotes from "The Authority" himself Mr McMahon!

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