Bootstrap Business Blog Blitz 11

Enjoy my newest installment of the Bootstrap Business Blog Blitz, answering your quick questions on social media marketing and more to maximize your business success!

What are your thoughts on Mailchimp email marketing?

I’ve been using Mailchimp for my email marketing for the last 5–6 years for several brands and companies and I can say that it’s been simple, dependable, low / no cost, and effective. Accounts are free up to 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month so that takes care of many companies’ needs right away. Why use Constant Contact, iContact, or other email marketing solutions when Mailchimp is cheaper (or free) and better in many ways. As long as you’re using the account properly . Email newsletters can easily be incorporated into your social media pages such as Facebook or shared on your social media pages such as Reddit

The one complaint is that free accounts, and even many paid accounts, won’t receive much in the way of customer support because there are just so users and . One of my accounts never got a reply from customer service so I had to start a new account from scratch. On a couple occasions in the past few years their servers were down and emails never got sent out and for most digital marketers that equates to a bit of a heart attack. Luckily I check the Twitter accounts of most companies I work with and sure enough they posted an update on their downed servers. There’s not always a firm ETA on that so a lot of users were stressing out but the emails were sent out within 24 hours. Luckily for me my email newsletters weren’t time sensitive to the hour so it didn’t cause too much turbulence. 

Overall, for most small businesses Mailchimp email marketing is all you need at a a free or reasonable price.

What do you use for license free high def images for social media and blogging work?

I use high resolution license-free image databases and Canva all day long. Free and no attributions needed (even if image edited). More pictures are added each month as well, so those 2 sites handle pretty much all of my needs. Pexels also has a great selection and the images often come compressed so that saves me a step. Also try Pixnio for more great attribution-free high res pics.

What social media books do you recommend. Technical and big picture?

I'm enjoying #AskGaryVee right now, even though the information is 18 months or so out of date. A lot of other people enjoy his older work Jab Jab Jab Right Hook. Gary Vee definitely sees the big picture well. I'll give him credit too because although he wrote the content 12-18 months ago, he's usually ahead of the curve... so pretty much everything still applies. While I'm actually a fan of Neil Patel's digital/social advice, his book Hustle isn't as appealing to me... it's almost too "big picture" for me which is the opposite of his normal technical writing. 

Keep your questions coming and Bootstrap Business will keep answering! Best of luck in business to you all!

I hope you enjoyed this article answering you questions about social media marketing, entrepreneurship, and more.

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