Graffiti Is Bad for Brands: What To Do If Vandalized

Graffiti is something that divides opinion. While there is no denying that graffiti is an art form when used for good intentions, it can, unfortunately, be used in a manner that causes destruction. If your business has been the victim of graffiti vandalism, it is important to act quickly. Graffiti can be bad for your brand and your business. Below, we discuss the reasons why while also providing some top tips on what to do if your business has been targeted. 

Why is graffiti bad for business? 

There are a number of reasons why graffiti is bad news for business. Firstly, it damages the appearance of your building premises, potentially destroying delicate or decorative surfaces. First impressions are so important in the world of business, and graffiti vandalism can make your premises appear threatening or run down. This could put off customers and shed your business in a bad light. 

There is also a chance that the graffiti is offensive. Perhaps someone has written an offensive message that is targeted at your business? You know what they say; there is no smoke without fire, and even if your firm is completely innocent, people may believe that you have done something wrong to be targeted in that manner. Needless to say, this could have a hugely detrimental impact on your brand image. Plus, whether the message is directly targeted at you or not, you don’t want to be seen as promoting something that could offend anyone. 

Graffiti can also be very expensive for your business, and there are a number of reasons why this is the case. Firstly, the sheer cost of getting it removed represents an unexpected business expense, and one that you certainly don’t need. Not only this, but if you do not remove the graffiti, it will devalue your premises. 

What should you do if someone has vandalized your business with graffiti? 

The first thing you need to do is report the incident to the police. It is a criminal offense to compromise someone else’s personal property. Plus, if the vandal sees that you are taking the matter seriously, they are going to be less likely to target your business in the future. 

Once you have done this, you can remove the graffiti, and it is important that you do this as quickly as possible. You cannot afford to cut corners when getting rid of the vandalism; choose a professional company with the necessary experience. 

Not only do you need to focus on removal, but you also need to think about prevention. How can you stop graffiti from happening again in the future? There are many options. The best is to opt for anti-graffiti coating provided by the likes of Custom Coatings. This coating is designed to make sure that any future incidences can be dealt with easily and quickly. This will result in less brand damage and reduced expenditure on dealing with the vandalism. You may also want to consider upping the security levels at your business with the likes of CCTV and access control solutions. 

Get Rid Of Graffiti

There is no denying that graffiti is bad for business and you need to get rid of it as soon as possible. Follow the tips mentioned above and make sure you focus on prevention for the future.

I hope you enjoyed this article about graffiti being bad for your business and what to do if your SMB gets vanalized.

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