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LinkedIn Publishing can be a very beneficial platform for getting your name out there, building your authority, and driving traffic to your website. But deciding whether it is right for you means weighing the pros and cons. I'll tell you my experience with it as an example, so you know whether to devote the time and resources to LinkedIn Pulse or alternatives like Medium, Quora, guest posting, or your own blog. 

Since I was in LinkedIn's "Top 1%" up through 2014, I was in the second wave of users offered to publish on LinkedIn (after the Fortune 500 CEO's and famous business "Thought Leaders" like brand evangelist Guy Kawasaki). It was great initially but then every user was offered the ability to publish on LinkedIn. That lead to massive amounts of articles published, a much lower overall quality of posts, and article publications being more "white noise" by many connections. 

It took me the last several months to fully weigh the pros and cons and analyze the data but I finally made the decision. I've decided that LinkedIn Publishing is no longer a useful platform for my future digital media production. LinkedIn is a powerful platform that I utilize daily, but it also has a lot of problems. While I have a very large following on LinkedIn that continues to grow daily, LinkedIn no longer alerts my followers when I've published a new post. 

It seems that many large independent writers / publishers like myself that aren't official "INfluencers" (basically meaning I don't have a NYT best-selling book or a magazine column) and even LinkedIn LIONS are having this problem as well. When I questioned LinkedIn Support, they said that "a small percentage of our accounts have been reporting this problem but we have no timetable for a solution." That was around January 2015... 

LinkedIn Publishing served it's purpose for a little over a year but now it's time to move on. It makes more sense to publish my business articles where they can easily be monetized, instead of my articles making money for LinkedIn and detracting from my own website traffic and SEO. 

I actually deleted my original articles so it wouldn't hurt my page rank due to duplicate content. I will instead share my new business articles for my followers as LinkedIn Updates or on my LinkedIn company page Schiemer Consulting. And here of course on Frugal Business.

Decide what makes more sense for you. Publish on your own website? Guest post on other websites? Publish on LinkedIn? Or some combination of the three. How will this affect my website Page Rank? It all depends on your goals. 

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I hope you enjoyed this article on the pros and cons of LinkedIn Publishing versus posting on your own website or other publications.

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