Web 2.0 Working For You

Could your business use a little boost in the marketing department? Times are tight and you might not have enough money to hire anyone new for your marketing department (or you might be your own department) so you  need to look at alternative strategies. You should look no further than social media, web, and email marketing services for low cost or no cost solutions. Let's look at some of the most recent numbers coming out regarding social media. There are about a billion users now on Facebook and it is still growing rapidly every month. There are over 125 million users now on LinkedIn, the business professional's social network and job site. They are claiming to be adding a new member every second these days. There are tens of millions on Twitter and YouTube just celebrated some number in the billions of its free channel subscriptions. Millions are writing blogs and reading blogs from individuals and companies. Hundreds of millions of people are using their emails as their primary form of communication now and that trend is only growing exponentially with cost cutting, new requirements, and technological advances. 

Your business needs to embrace these trends because they aren't fads and they aren't going away. Get yourself and your business on Facebook. Make a page and a group and start promoting events and updates. Make a professional LinkedIn profile that makes you look good. Create some unique content in the form of blogs, videos, and tweets to get your business out there and drive traffic to your website. Keep your clients and prospects in the loop with cheap or free email marketing services. Create a dozen free business listings that will appear on the biggest search engines Bing, Yahoo, and Google. All of these platforms aren't just ways to give your business an advantage anymore, they are crucial just to keep up with the growing competition. Embrace the Web 2.0 and get results for your business today!

Michael J. Schiemer
Owner and Marketing Consultant
RESULTS Business Solutions 
Boston, MA & Providence RI

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