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Having trouble creating or growing your company's online presence? Not getting the results you hoped for with your digital marketing, social media, SEO, or E-Commerce? Schiemer Consulting is here to help!

Schiemer Consulting is a digital marketing, social media, content production, branding, and SEO consulting business owned and operated by award-winning marketer Michael J Schiemer. Schiemer Consulting has proudly been serving small local businesses throughout New England as well as international corporations since 2009. Mike Schiemer has been creating online content since 2006 and active as an online forum contributor since 1999.

Business Consulting Services Offered

- Blogger Outreach  
- Link Building
- Influencer Marketing
- Social Media Marketing
- Digital Marketing Strategy
- Search Engine Optimization
- Search Engine Marketing 
- Online Reputation Management 
- Press Release Publication
- Email Marketing
- Content Production
- Branding & Marketing Consulting
- Website Development 
- Mobile Application Development
- E-Commerce Store Promotion
- E-Book Publishing & Promotion
- Event Promotion 
- Retail Marketing
- Business Blog Development 
- Business Directory Submissions
- Listings on Google Maps & Waze

mike schiemer consulting social media marketing

Past And Present Schiemer Consulting Clients

Schiemer Consulting has managed all aspects of digital marketing for countless entrepreneurs & SMBs. I've also provided content production and social media marketing campaigns for multi-billion dollar corporations like Verizon, Adobe, Lenovo, American Express, Manulife Financial, Western Union, SoFi, Forever 21, Allstate Insurance, Binance, MarketWatch, Intuit, Norton-LifeLock, Franklin Templeton, GNC, Reebok, Anytime Fitness, DuPont, Monsanto, Post Holdings, Ogilvy & Mather, Nissan, UnitedHealth Group, Washington State University, Maryville College, University Of Phoenix, Foster Grant, Northumbria University, and one of the largest oil companies in the world. 

I've worked with many successful mid-sized companies as well like Domo, WeBull,, Oberlo, Qualtrics, Talkspace, LexisNexis, Neil Patel, Storm International, BulletProof, Vega Nutrition, MyProtein, SEMrush, Ahrefs, Agile CRM, Ice Shaker by Chris Gronkowski, Gloria Gemma Foundation, Visibility International, Casper, National Floors Direct, and a dozen of the top SEO / Blogger Outreach Agencies around the world.

And of course I've also successfully helped thousands of small businesses, entrepreneurs, startups, bloggers, vloggers, YouTubers, authors, independent distributors, and students which are too numerous to mention.

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If you want real results for your business through Schiemer Consulting digital marketing services, please Contact Me today to get started on maximizing your marketing.

Also take a look at our Blogger Outreach services, SEO Consulting, and Influencer Marketing services to supplement your digital marketing consulting service!

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Consultant Michael J. Schiemer
Building Better Business


Schiemer Consulting has received praise and recommendations from clients including Multinational SEO Agencies, Global Marketing Firms, CEO's, CMO's, Founders, Executive Directors, Board Members, Attorneys, Politicians, Physicians, Managers, Consultants, Business Owners, Public Relations Companies, Media Corporations, Authors, Keynote Speakers, Journalists, and many others. 

You can find my professional recommendations, testimonials, and endorsements on my LinkedIn Profile, on Google, and dozens of top online publications. 

Featured in Search Engine Journal, Washington Post, USA Today, Yahoo Finance, Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, Search Engine Watch, SEMrush, Stuff Magazine, Shape Magazine, Patch, Fit Small Business, Convenience Store News, Convenience Store Decisions, Retail Insight Network, and dozens of other publications. 

Professional References

"Mike helped level up my SEO strategy significantly. I had no idea what I was doing and would have wasted a ton of time and money if I hadn't have had the opportunity to meet with Mike to learn SEO best practices. He has a wealth of knowledge that he is able to share and communicate in simple and effective ways that make it easy for any person to understand. As a business owner I would hire him full-time for SEO services if I could and he would be an asset to any business or organization from an SEO and general business perspective." - Tess, CEO of WWT

I worked with Michael on a pilot program for a leading oil company to uncover ways in which we could better leverage social media to increase brand awareness and acquire loyalty card members. Michael is not just a naturally gifted communicator. He also has the patience, dedication, and work ethic required to see a project through to the end. He's never had issues meeting deadlines and gives close attention to detail in all aspects of his work. I find out about the importance of incorporating promotions around convenience retail at gas stations. I enjoyed working with him on this project. Very smart guy! - Erica, Digital Marketing Manager

Michael Schiemer is a great asset to our complex and multi-dimensional organization. We have multiple business models and profit centers each requiring varied communication techniques utilizing social media. He has the unique ability to understand the various business needs and then apply his experience and talents in the media arena to enhance our company's visibility and customer loyalty. We have become a better group with the addition of Michael. - Bob, Director Of Real Estate & Acquisitions 

Michael is an incredibly talented social media guru. During his time as the Gloria Gemma Breast Cancer Resource Foundation's interim social media manager, he increased our followers for both Twitter and Facebook. He is excellent at collecting and interpreting social media analytics to improve our recognition and ensure our message was seen. I would highly recommend Michael for any and all things social media related. He is a hardworking young man with integrity. - Carol, Communications Manager

Mike is a passionate entrepreneur and leader with a unique ability to deliver results in an uplifting and positive way. Mike offers a wealth of knowledge in both fitness and business and it was a pleasure working with him. I would recommenced Mike to anyone. - Derek, Payroll / HR Professional And Rotary President 

I am so grateful to Mike not only for his wisdom and expertise in digital & social media marketing and SEO but also for his patient and gracious way of implementing the most complex projects with ease, style and perfection. He gives so generously of himself throughout the task and is genuinely interested in ensuring the best results and full success of his clients. I am so glad I found this lovely social media and marketing genius! - Molly, President Of RLJ 

During that time, Michael proved himself to be a detail oriented individual who worked diligently to ensure the satisfaction of our clients. He was one of the rare individuals in our setting who was not afraid to ask "why", and would strive to understand all aspects of our business so that he could better meet our client service needs. - Sam, Financial Services Team Lead

I have had the benefit of meeting Mike while hiring for Contact Center Representatives at a large global financial organization. I was immediately impressed with the way Mike interviewed, and even more impressed with him once he was hired for the job. I managed the staffing operations within the client site as the Client Program Manager so I had continued contact with our associates throughout their employment at the site. With this day to day interaction, I was fortunate enough to get a real ‘feel’ for the value Mike brought to the position. Mike’s work ethic and customer service ability was top notch. Over the course of 7 months, Mike had a single absentee. It was no surprise to me when my client approached me to hire Mike permanently with their organization. Mike is a tremendous employee and he left a strong impression on our recruitment staff as they attempt to duplicate the steps taken to attractive more candidates like him. I would recommend Mike to any future organization. With Mike’s determination, work ethic, and focus, he doesn’t simply meet the standard. He sets it. - Cory, Recruiter And Realtor

Michael is one of the most uniquely business savvy individuals I have met in years. His ability to take on any request and conform it to the needs of the task at hand is incredible and at times jaw-dropping. As an individual outside of the work place, Michael is a great spirit, always open always honest, and wears his heart on his sleeve. His selflessness is a bonus because he will do all he feels is needed (even above and beyond his call) in order to ensure the success of a project and the satisfaction of his peers. - Jehue, CEO of Geaux Network

Mike has provided invaluable motivation to get healthier and be a more productive individual. His enthusiasm for his work is contagious! You will be more than satisfied with his expertise and quality service. - David, Tutoring Business Owner

Social media is a mystery to me! Mike is helping me to understand how to use these tools for marketing purposes. He outlines easy to follow steps, checks in with my progress and gives helpful suggestions. Michael is wonderful to work with. When I started my business in 2006 I had no idea how to set up my social media accounts. Mike was very patient with me and gave me numerous tips how to use social media to build my business. I use a lot of what he does now as samples of growing the healing place in medfield. - Helen, Small Business Owner

Michael is the epitome of a "go getter." He does not stop until the work is done and he aims for high results. I really can't think of anyone else who puts in the time and effort to get to know people and work with their strengths. He is a tireless promoter and creative thinker. Can't recommend any higher! - Margo, Communications And PR Professional

I have worked closely with Mike, and recommend him with a high degree of confidence. Mike's marketing savvy is valuable to any business that desires to build it's branding, web and social media presence, and networking. Mike has been very beneficial in building a cooperative marketing network for Medical Face and Body Aesthetics. Mike is a pleasure to work with, whether as a business partner, consultant, or the "go to" guy when you need marketing services. Mike delivers RESULTS! - JoAnn, Marketing Professional

I highly recommend Mike Schiemer as a solid man with excellent credentials and a very highly polished program! - Dr Dave, Medical Professional

Mike offers a great service at a very reasonable price. He has exceeded expectations so far, and he is a pleasure to work with. - Leslie, Educational Business Owner

Mike is a great guy with a high work ethic. He reads people well and adjusts accordingly. Just an all around good guy. - David, Medical Sales VP

I Want You To Be My Next Success Story!

Mike Schiemer Builds Better Business 

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