Should You Hire a Marketing Firm? 9 Reasons to Consider it

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Marketing is easy. You can save thousands of dollars each year by learning to do it yourself. 

But business owners usually don't have the time to run a successful marketing campaign. The myth of the 'easy' marketing campaign dies a little with each advancement in technology.

Hiring a marketing firm can help you avoid falling behind in new ways to bring more customers to your business. If you are looking to grow your business, consider these top 9 reasons to work with a marketing firm. 

1. Save Money

Marketing agencies aren't cheap. Your organization won't save by simply adding a new line item to the budget.

But over the long term, you will save by increasing your return on investment. Getting highly trained marketing leaders to help your business grow means getting more value for your money. 

With an experienced firm, you'll also save more on marketing expenses. Some firms have ongoing relationships with vendors that grant them access to discounted pricing based on the sales volume they bring.  

2. Access to Broader Skills

It's tough for an in-house marketing department to compete with the diverse skills found in an agency. Agencies attract the best and brightest talent.

Not to mention, most organizations won't hire top specialists in all aspects of marketing. If you did, scaling up and down to account for what strategies do and don't work would be time-consuming.

Marketing agencies already have people who specialize in all aspects of marketing ready to hop on or off your campaign as needed. They can test out new marketing strategies using their diverse teams at no additional cost to you.

If content marketing isn't bringing any results, they can employ a new strategy without the need to fire employees or hire new ones. It's easy to find out more ways to improve online content when you have a diverse team in place. 

3. Consistent Work

Another reason to hire a marketing firm is consistency. Marketing agencies have the bandwidth to continue putting out their best work.

Working with multiple clients at a time gives them constant access to new marketing research and ideas. This flow of information makes the quality of their work more consistent than relying on the limited knowledge of in-house marketing departments.

4. Competitive Intelligence

No marketing agency is going to reveal the trade secrets of its clients. But marketing agencies can use what they know to make better decisions on behalf of your business.

This is especially true of marketing agencies with a niche focus. For example, a marketing agency that focuses on the dental industry will be more likely to know what strategies competitors use that work well and which don't.

Niche marketing agencies give you the advantage of staying on trend with customer needs and expectations. 

5. Recover From Bad Press

Bad PR can happen to anyone. Instead of burdening your in-house marketing team with figuring out what might work to change the story about your business, you can hire a marketing firm to help you rebrand.

Marketing firm leaders have the background to reinvent brands even in the face of the worst PR fails. Their expert creative staff have storytelling capabilities that can redirect customer perception back to your intended messaging. 

6. Repurpose Your Staff

Outsourcing all or some of your needs to an outside marketing firm gives you the opportunity to repurpose your staff. Support the business by allowing another department to grow with new team members.

Less time focused on marketing strategy can mean more time focused on building relationships with customers. For example, your sales team expanding means more opportunities to increase the bottom line.

7. More Eyes on the Prize

Teamwork makes the dream work. Hiring a marketing firm can give you the fresh sets of eyes you need to help rework campaign challenges.

Chances are, you and your in-house team are too close to the work. Distancing yourself is helpful because it means a more objective outlook on the path to marketing success.

Working side by side with coworkers everyday could bring up issues like unhealthy competition, ego, or power struggles that get in the way of the company's success. 

8. Extended Hours

Marketing firms are known for working longer than the traditional workweek. With a large list of client campaigns to manage, there is a constant need to go above and beyond.

For small businesses, this is a major advantage over in-house employees who leave the office after 8 hours. Keep your marketing campaign in constant movement by working with a marketing firm that will devote the additional time necessary to meet campaign demands.  

9. Boost Company Revenue

Good marketing produces results. Marketing firms rely on results to get new clients.

As a result, firms work harder to meet client demands and see growth. These hardworking agencies help you get better leads and customers through proven methods.

This means more revenue for your business. With time, your business could grow far beyond the expense of hiring a marketing firm. 

Choosing a Marketing Firm

The process of choosing a marketing firm brings more value than the process of hiring an employee. Marketing firms bring top-notch ideas to the bidding process to audition for your business.

This gives you the chance to 'test' their services before making a time-consuming, and costly, commitment. In the end, both parties get added peace of mind that their values and ideas are in alignment, which increases the chance of campaign success.

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