How To Improve Software Development Team Productivity

ways improve productivity software development team

Teamwork is what determines the final result of any activity. For the software development sector, the corresponding factor plays an important role. Here, great attention is paid to the selection of team members. Especially when it comes to software development. Such projects depend mainly on the competent selection of personnel. 

The result of the organization's work does not always give the desired result. At such moments, the heads of enterprises should think about how to increase the efficiency of the team's work. There are various concepts and methods of approaching the solution to the relevant question. 

This article will talk about how to evaluate work efficiency in software development and IT companies. Also, the best methods of improving the working capacity of team members are presented to your attention. 

The Concept Of "Efficiency" 

Efficiency is a term that is not understood by everyone. Because of this, some managers make erroneous conclusions. 

Team effectiveness is called group effectiveness. This is the state's ability to achieve the goals and tasks set before them. A team here usually means a set of people connected by projects. 

Definition Criteria 

It is worth paying attention to the fact that the effectiveness of the team's work is determined by various factors. They will be separate for each business. For example: in the development, the terms and completeness of the team, the satisfaction of the client and the target audience, and the number of bugs discovered during testing and release are important. 

Reasons For Inefficiency 

There are various reasons for the inefficiency of the development staff. Depending on them, the management should start creating a concept of improving results. 

The most common problems encountered in software development and content writing are the following: 

1. Lack of sufficient experience in the employed staff. 

2. The presence of certain conflicts in the team. 

3. Technical assignment and communication with customers. It is not always possible to understand what exactly the client wants. Sometimes customers don't even realize that they need something "on the way out". 

4. Costs are also a factor. In software development activities, expenses are constantly growing. And it is not always possible to correctly assess the effectiveness of spending. It is extremely difficult to predict the outcome of events. 

5. The disparity of monitoring has impact as well. This is a particularly important problem for engineers and analysts. They have to monitor different areas and technologies in software development all the time, which leads to negative consequences. An engineer cannot always catch only the most important points among a huge amount of information. 

6. Lack of motivation and cohesion among employees. 

7. Improper organization of labor in the state. 

A decrease in the productivity of programmers and developers is also possible when the employer does not provide sufficient technologies. The human factor should also not be forgotten - no one is immune to burnout, illness, fatigue, and forgetfulness. All this has a negative impact on the release of projects. 

Approaches To Increasing Efficiency 

Software development is an area in which it is not so easy to increase the productivity of a staff of programmers. Much depends on the reasons for the decrease in performance and the deterioration of results. However, there is a way out and a method to improve the productivity of the development sector. You can use an offshore software development model with the help of Turnkey Labs - the world-leading company providing you with the best remote software team. They will help you save time and money and surround the actions fully around your needs. 

There are some universal concepts that can help improve the situation in the company. They are discussed in more detail below. You can rely on them in absolutely any business. 


Meetings and flyers play an important role when discussing the next project, as well as when summarizing what is happening in the company. But here the main thing is not to overdo it. 

It is recommended to observe the following rules: 

• meetings should be regular, but not too frequent - they are tiring and can confuse even the most competent programmer; 

• brevity is the sister of talent; 

• only important aspects of the development should be discussed during the flyers. 

Subordinates can spend the time spent on the next meeting on immediate work. Especially when there is a clearly compiled vehicle, and the load is distributed as rationally as possible. 


Each employee can have a dozen (or even several) tasks and projects per day. Here it is necessary to set priorities. Some tasks and releases can be "postponed for later", but something will have to be done "here and now". 

The priority is set taking into account: 

• importance of work; 
• complexities; 
• scope of the project. 

Such a scheme will allow you to concentrate on what is really important "now", without scattering on small and not particularly serious goals. 


Development is a field in which some tasks can be automated. It is better not to neglect the corresponding technologies: if you burden the programmers with small tasks, they may not have the strength and time for large ones. 

It is recommended to take care in advance to provide the staff with tools for optimization and automation of development. User intervention in testing and reporting can be minimized. Also, use frameworks and libraries. 

Everyone's Capabilities 

The effectiveness of the development team depends not only on external factors but also on the skills of each member of the team. The leader must pay due attention to this issue. 

Some programmers are better at creating sites, some find it easier to test and debug code, and some easily handle design and interface. Each person in the team must do what he can do at the highest level. 


Before starting work on the project, it is necessary to discuss it with the developers and draw up a clear plan of action. It can include both large and small tasks. 

When people see what and in what order they need to do, they are able to rationally use time and available resources. When planning, it is recommended to divide all tasks and goals into smaller component parts. 

Danger Of Burnout 

Another important aspect in evaluating and improving the performance of a programming team is tracking burnout. It is faced by the majority of employees who work hard for a long time. 

A competent supervisor not only makes a competent work plan but also allows his subordinates to rest. Sometimes it is possible to make concessions and allow remote work if this will have a positive effect on the progress of the project.

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