7 Ways To Utilize Link Shortening APIs + 5 URL Shortener Tool Picks

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URL shorteners are tools brands use to create unique, custom links to promote their products or services. Integrating them with APIs fosters better online interactions, allowing businesses to facilitate customers with better user experiences. The combination of the two enables a channel for brands to generate higher leads and garner customer loyalty. Hence, here is a look at some of the best ways businesses can utilize link-shortening APIs and provide customers with an improved online user experience. 

7 Best Uses For Link-Shortening APIs 

1. Twitter Bots 

It is possible to create bots on Twitter and assign them specific tasks that can be performed under a particular tweet or a set of tweets. One of the most common Twitter bots is the Thread Reader bot, which unpacks all content under a specific thread and displays it as regular readable content. Link shortener APIs can be used to set up such bots on compatible applications and perform particular functions. 

2. Log In Use 

The API is used in places that require a user to log in or create an account. For example, a website where you want to connect your Google account will use this API that directly links your account on the browser on the mobile app you use. Brands can utilize link shorteners with such APIs to make the process more convenient and avoid sharing lengthy or heavy links. 

3. Weather Snippets 

Brands can use link shortener APIs in Google search results to provide weather info when a user types in a particular request. The feature is quick and also saves time. It helps display information about the weather within the search box instead of opening a separate tab to show results. 

4. PayPal Payments 

Another use for link shortener APIs can is to integrate Paypal on websites such as e-commerce stores, hotel booking sites, etc. It directly links a buyer to the payment page from within the website instead of having to download or use a separate application. 

5. Google Maps 

Link shortener APIs display G-maps information such as business hours, contact information, reviews, how busy a place is, etc. They allow viewers to see real-time information when looking up a location and visiting it. 

6. Booking Sites 

Are you coming across flight prices or hotel prices on a booking service? These applications use APIs to display updated information for specific timelines and dates a person wants for their travel. The applications are designed to use such link APIs to gather information instantly and showcase all price changes, discounts, seat availability, and more. 

7. Ecommerce Platforms 

Link APIs are used on e-commerce platforms to help show details about product availability, quantity seller info, and more. They are also used for payment redirection and other similar functions to enhance a customer's shopping experience. 

5 Best Link Shortener Tools For API Use 

Using URL shorteners with APIs brings out greater convenience to use specific interactions on online platforms, thus providing customers with a smooth experience. Therefore, here is a look at link management and customizing tools that brands can use for link generation for API use. 

1. Bitly 

It is one of the most popular link shortener tools, perfect for those who want access to custom URLs with a free account. Bitly also lets you create QR codes that can be printed or shared via different media. 

2. Pixelfy.me 

This link shortener tool allows brands to generate custom links with mobile deep linking capabilities. Free trials are available to customers who want a feel of the service before choosing a suitable plan. 

3. Rebrandly 

It allows for custom link creation through a free account for all users. They can also avail of the brand's premium features to access detailed analytics, link data, and other information. 

4. Hyperlink 

The tool provides users instant, real-time notifications when someone clicks, views, or refers to their custom links. 

5. Cuttly 

It is beneficial for small businesses as it is possible to create short, custom links even with a free account. However, payment of a small fee may be necessary to access link analytics or other data features. 

API Endnote 

Using URL shorteners with APIs is a beneficial way to add more features to a brand website or any other source. It provides more significant customer interaction, thus attracting more people to view your content. The combination of link shorteners with APIs allows brands to take on more capabilities with how they want to showcase and promote content, thus giving them a better chance to grow.

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