5 Inspirational Off Grid Shower Ideas

best off grid shower ideas

While we cannot take away the need to trot into work each morning, we do have something that will brighten the day altogether. 

Picture this homesteaders and preppers: Rather than stepping into a cold bathroom cubicle, you are rinsing yourself down inside an eco-friendly off-grid shower under the open sky. 

Let's face it; no one likes hearing their alarm clock at the beginning of another working day. 

But showering does not need to be tedious with these inspirational, off-grid shower ideas. 

Whether installing it deep within your backyard or creating an innovative addition for your forest retreat, you should check out these top 5 existing ideas for your new off-grid shower DIY project. 

1. Off Grid Shower By That Yurt 

Solar power is a fan favorite with off-grid shower enthusiasts; after all, you are not off-grid if you pull juice from the grid. 

But imagine if you do not get enough sunshine to heat your water? 

Propane can pick up the slack, as That Yurt has proven with this shack embedded into the tree line. It is simple but attractive, set inside a wooden canopy with a sloped roof to shoo away those icy raindrops. 

The advantage of a gas-powered water heater is having a constant source of water that is heated no matter the weather or season. And let us face it, the actual selling point of an off-grid shower is not the ability to make use of it in the middle of summer; it is in a position to step out of the chilly winter and into a stream of water that is hot. When it is overcast and there is not enough sun to heat a solar-powered shower, you want something else. 

This propane shower will have you toasty and warm even if you are surrounded by a blanket of snow—no more cold washes from a bucket. 

2. Lava Rock Off Grid Shower By Tam Hunt, On Green Tech Media 

Though propane can be provided from a tank, you may want to switch entirely to the strength of nature. That is just what Tam Hunt did with this off-grid shower, making use of a catchment tank, pump, and purification system to provide the water and solar energy to offer warm water. There was enough juice to power a phone charger and other personal devices if you cannot wholly pull yourself away from the actual world. 

Tam has ditched pre-treated wood in favor of a lava rock alcove set into the hills. Except for some pipework, you might be forgiven for feeling like you have stepped into your private waterfall. Though there is no protection from the rain, you will find very few things that feel much better than taking a great shower in a fall rain shower. 

3. This Cute, Eco-Friendly Grid Shower At Channel Rock, CA 

Have you ever wanted your treehouse but felt you have just gotten too old to get away with it? This thermosiphon shower does not look far off in terms of design. Housed within a wooden shack is an off-grid shower that uses two different kinds of heating to warm up the water supply. 

Is an embedded water storage tank taking heat from the sun's energy, while a thermosiphon-based heater uses a far more complex process based on convection? A solar energy panel heats the water in the storage container, which rises against gravity into an insulated tank. It is a wise alternative to electrical energy and insulated enough that you must still have the ability to bask under a hot shower when the sun's hiding behind the clouds. 

4. Discreet And Minimalistic 

With Homestead Honey Gravity has been keeping everything in check for millions of years, even before we had electricity. You do not require a power shower pump to get your heated water from a to B with the correct setup. And this off-grid shower from Homestead Honey is proof of just how helpful a gravity-driven shower can be. There is no electricity and no pumping mechanism. 

They have just mounted an old half-cut Pepsi barrel into the trees and affixed some flexible tubing with an antique shower head. The C is heated over a fire and topped up by hand, so the pressure forces the water through the tubing and out of the showerhead. Do not forget to mix a little cool water in; we love a warm shower, but nobody likes getting burned. 

5. An Incredibly Stylish Outdoor Shower From Ecco Temp 

If you are not onboard with showering under a water barrel or perhaps a shower bag, this off-grid shower is closer to home. It continues to use water and propane from the mains, with a mixer tank that would not appear out of place in your bathroom. But when you hook it as much as a tree outdoors, you will feel as if you are miles from civilization. 

Superior Showers 

Living off the grid isn't always easy. When you have a top off-grid shower setup or makeshift bathtub, it makes everything more pleasant and possible. Off-grid showers can be optimized and outrageously amazing if you follow these top tips!

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