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Needless to say, written content and images aren’t enough to grab the attention of a picky consumer. Video marketing seems to have already conquered the world. Today, businesses are investing a lot in video creation and distribution, and they can’t be more right. The real estate industry is not an exception — making videos that appeal to the target audience is sure to win more leads and increase sales. 

Go on reading to find out the ins and outs of real estate video marketing, from different types of video you can use to handy tips on how to make your video marketing efforts astonishingly fruitful. Let’s get down to business for your realty videos. 

8 Video Marketing Ideas For Real Estate That Work 

With a significant number of video types and styles out there, certain types of videos are better suited to address real estate marketing needs. Here are the eight best video marketing ideas for real estate. 

1. Real Estate Animations 

The great news is that you can start to market properties under construction early, thanks to 3D animations. For instance, a real estate animation VisEngine offers can provide a bird’s eye view of the property, the surrounding area, and the interior of the building before the construction has started. That sounds incredible, but this technology can help you show future homes in photoreal quality — CG videos are often hardly possible to distinguish from real ones. Real estate animations allow customers to understand what to expect, which is particularly helpful in pre-selling real estate. 

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2. Video Testimonials 

Video testimonials work really well — they help build trust and credibility with your potential clients. While a written testimonial provides an opinion, videos enable viewers to see and hear a reaction, making it sound more authentic, honest, and engaging. It’s a good idea to add text to a video testimonial, for instance, essential statistics and your Realtor contact details. 

3. Neighborhood Video Tours 

Potential homebuyers aren’t interested exclusively in the house — the surrounding area and available amenities play an important role in selecting a future home. Fair enough, as these aspects directly affect the quality of life. Keep in mind that it’s crucial to highlight facilities that would best meet the needs of your specific audience. For example, show kindergartens and schools if you are real estate agent that targets your video at families with children. At the same time, folks looking for luxury homes will be more interested in fancy restaurants and premium sports clubs. 

4. Interviews / Q&A Sessions 

Why not shoot an interview with an expert in a related area? For example, you can invite a mortgage lender, an architect, or a designer. The main thing to take into account is that your video interview should be relevant, exciting, and useful for your target audience. You can even research the pain points of potential homebuyers to find out what kind of expert information they are interested in. 

5. Educational Videos 

Homebuyers, especially the first-time ones, might be interested in how the deal should go down, creating an excellent concept for an educational video. If you work with commercial properties, make a video covering the advantages of investing in a certain property. Remember that it is essential to split complex topics into smaller videos, and don’t forget to add some graphics and charts to help you better express ideas. 

6. Agent Introduction 

You can build a connection with your audience with the help of an introduction video. In this video, you can include relevant information about yourself, describe the areas you work with, and explain what makes you a great real estate partner. 

7. Explainer Videos 

We’re sure that you have enough experience in the industry to share with people interested in buying or selling homes as well as other real estate specialists. The pool of topics to choose from is enormous: you can share market insights, give advice to homebuyers, answer real estate FAQs, and more. Such content builds trust between an agent and prospective clients as it shows you as an expert in the field. 

8. Live Streams 

Since consumers are becoming more focused on authenticity, live streaming is strengthening its position as a highly efficient video marketing tool. Plus, it doesn’t require any special resources. A bit of preparation and a smartphone with a good camera are pretty enough to share unedited footage in real- time. The most popular platforms you can use to broadcast your live streams are Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Here are some great ideas for live-streaming: 

● an open house visit 
● a walk through the neighborhood 
● a live interview 
● a live Q&A session  

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Some Secrets Of Successful Real Estate Video Marketing 

Of course, there’s a bit of science (and magic) behind successful video marketing, and we’re eager to share some steps that will help you achieve your marketing goals. 

Work Out A Viable Strategy 

Everything starts with a plan. But before you rush to draw up your content plan and write your first script, make sure you have a strategy in place. For starters, define the goals of each video and identify the audiences you want to appeal to. Based on this, make a plan and allocate a budget for your video marketing. 

Be Ready To Make Investments 

Apart from live streams, all the other types of video we have covered in this guide require professional assistance or at least specialist equipment. So if you want to make quality, engaging videos, entrust them to a professional or invest in a good camera and a microphone. Speaking of 3D animations, you should definitely leave them to experts. 

Be Different 

Obviously, your videos will have lower chances to stand out if they are similar to other real estate marketing videos. Try to make something fresh and new. Also, keep in mind that folks on the other side of the screen love to connect with real people, so make sure you leverage your personality. Don’t shy away from showing your passions and hobbies as a Realtor or agent, use humor — identify a feature that makes you different and make it work.

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