8 Dedicated Development Team Questions Answered

dedicated development team questions answers

In the development of websites and other IT products, it is crucial to choose the pricing model that can help best meet the goals of the project: Time & Material, Fixed Price, or Dedicated Team. If you intend to hire a dedicated software development team, you're in the right place. In this article, we are giving answers to the top eight questions concerning dedicated teams. 

1. What Is A Dedicated Team Model? 

A Dedicated Team is a collaboration model where the vendor provides the client with a team of software development professionals on a long-term basis. The team consists of the specialists handpicked according to the project's needs and goals. The sides sign a contract stating requirements, deadlines, project scope, and specifying the budget. The clients can choose to manage the team by themselves, but most companies, for example, Intelvision, offer a project manager to handle the communication process. 

The dedicated team model is characterized by a reasonably simple pricing system. The client makes monthly payments based on the team size. The payments include salaries and service vendor's fees. 

2. When Do You Need A Dedicated Software Development Team? 

● A dedicated team is the best solution when you need specialists for a specific project but do not have enough qualified staff. 

● In addition, this model is often applied when there are some side projects — by entrusting them to a dedicated team, you reduce the burden of your in-house specialists. 

● DTM is perfect for long-term projects with unclear requirements. 

● A dedicated team is a great option when you assume that you might need to add specialists to the team in the process of software development. 

● It's an optimal solution for first-level startups, too. The dedicated team model will save you both time and money that could be spent on the hiring process and help develop the product faster. 

3. What Is The Composition Of A Dedicated Team? 

When hiring a dedicated team, you get a group of professionals tailored to match the needs of your project. Accordingly, the structure of a dedicated software development team is always different. Let's take a look at the composition of an average team: 

● Back-end engineers build the structure of a software application. They write business logic, server scripts, and application programming interfaces. 

● Front-end engineers' responsibilities include planning, designing, building, and implementing the UI systems of websites, software programs, and web-based applications. 

● QA engineers assess the quality of specifications and technical design documents to ensure the quality of the final product. 

● UI/UX designers create user-centered designs based on business requirements and user feedback. 

● Business analysts' primary task is to bridge the gap between the development team and the business through monitoring processes, defining requirements, and delivering data-driven recommendations. 

● Project managers are in charge of planning, initiation, and leading the completion of a specific project. 

4. How To Hire Dedicated Developers? 

There are several ways to hire a dedicated software development team: 

● partnering with a vendor 
● reaching out to software developers for hire by recommendations 
● searching for specialists on specialized websites 
● exploring freelancer platforms 
● building a network of contacts during conferences and other industry events

With several options available, it's always best to hire a dedicated team from a reliable vendor that will take care of the entire team assembling process and provide you with the necessary support until the project is over. 

5. What Are The Advantages Of The Dedicated Team Model? 

First of all, the dedicated team model allows you to fully control the team's structure, meaning you can scale it up and down when needed. Secondly, this model is a highly cost-efficient option: you don't spend on hiring and training. Next, you get a tailored team of qualified specialists that have experience relevant to the unique needs of your project. Finally, a dedicated team is entirely focused on your project, which inevitably means better results. 

6. What Are The Disadvantages Of The Dedicated Team Model? 

It's sometimes impossible to quickly assemble the team. Crewing is usually done from scratch, so it might take 4-6 for profile definition, recruitment, interviews, and onboarding. In addition, the DTM isn't suitable for short-term projects. In fact, the majority of vendors do not provide teams for less than six months. 

7. How To Choose A Dedicated Team? 

Here are some most important things to consider when searching for a perfect destination to hire a dedicated software development team: 

● time zone 
● language proficiency 
● technology stack 
● rates 
● talent pool 
● business environment (regulations, taxes, etc.) 

8. How To Manage A Dedicated Software Development Team? 

There are many aspects of managing a team located in a different part of the globe. However, the workflow won't be very different from your internal work with the right tools and the practical approach. Here are several tips on how to operate a remote development team: 

● be clear and realistic with the expectations 
● set realistic deadlines 
● schedule regular video calls with the project manager 
● use project management tools 
● share files in one place

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