How To Make A Real Estate Video That Shines

how to make real estate video for listings increase property sales

In 2023, the major challenge the real estate marketers face is to attract buyers. In the current internet explosion, videos play a critical role in grabbing eyeballs in a competitive property market. Studies show that inquiries for real estate listings with videos are 403% higher than those properties where a video is missing. However, by creating a mediocre home video, you can no longer entice prospective home or property buyers. 

Let’s go through some tried and tested techniques that will help you come up with a stunning real estate video in 2023. 

7 Steps To Creating Really Effective Real Estate Videos

1. Gear To Create Real Estate Videos 

Before we delve deep into the lighting and angles, let’s take a quick look at the gear required for shooting your real estate video. 

• A wide-angle zoom lens (16–35 mm) / 17–40 mm 
• A tripod that has a slider 
• One more tripod head attached to the top of the slider 
• A drone, if you have one 

Now, you might be thinking about video lights for the houses and properties you will be filming. However, there is absolutely no need for a video light. Just with natural light, it is very much possible to click all your interior and exterior shots. However, always take the weather into consideration while shooting. The best day to shoot your video would be on a partly cloudy day. If the weather is dark and gloomy, then it's better to postpone your shoot to another day. 

2. Don’t Use A Fisheye Lens 

To create real estate videos, many marketers make use of the fisheye, the wide-angle lens. They resort to this practice with the intention of making a small room look bigger. However, it is pointless to fool innocent potential customers. Be ethical and portray the rooms in your house as it is. For the majority of your shots, go for a less distorted lens. 

3. Keep The Rooms Neat 

Now, you are all set to create real estate videos. Before you start, just walk around all the rooms. See whether there are any household belongings that look untidy. Here, your intention is to hide all those things that don’t appear good on camera. Research shows that 84% of the people took a decision to purchase a product or service after watching a brand’s video. 

Go through the below list of items before you start the cleaning exercise. Let your rooms look quite appealing for prospective buyers. 

• Declutter all those shelves and tables. 
• Remove unnecessary files and papers from your tabletop. 
• Keep the closet door closed. It may look odd if it's left open. 
• Ensure that there are no wrinkles on bedsheets. 
• Remove photos of homeowners from the walls, if any. 
• Don’t forget to close the toilet seat. 
• Keep your couch pillows neat and clean. 

4. Plan Your Shots  

Keep it short when you are shooting the videos of bedrooms and bathrooms. 2 to 3 shots would be good enough. However, for other rooms, such as the living room, kitchen, or the master suite, ensure that there are sufficient shots and camera angles to portray a full picture for the viewers. 

Never make the mistake of overshooting. It is said that nearly 25% of the respondents stopped watching a video as it was boring. Once you have taken an excellent shot, move on to the next one. If a shot didn’t turn out to be good, delete that clip and start afresh. This will help you save a lot of editing time. Keep the number of shots of exteriors less than interiors. Around 10-15 exterior shots would be the ideal number. 

5. Shooting Your Video 

With slides, you can capture an entire room. It also makes wide shots more attractive. For portraying your room, position your slider just outside the doorway. Go for sliding and panning if you are looking for a wrap-around effect. 

With glides, bring your audience into the scene just by sliding the camera front to back. A second tripod will be quite helpful in this scenario. Add motion to your shots with slow pans and tilts. It will be the best option if you want to shoot floor details such as hardwood floors or tiles. Now, we will move on to the camera settings. Preferably, keep your aperture number somewhere around f 4 or 5.6. Want to balance the brightness? All you have to do is to adjust the ISO and the shutter speed. 

6. Use A Drone 

A drone is the best option to capture aerial shots of your house and the surrounding areas. A subtle movement can make a lot of difference in drone shots. Just as with a slider, you can go from left to right. Or from the street, you can move slowly towards the house as well. 

Drones are getting more advanced and more affordable every year. Aerial imagery is also getting more advanced, so you should take advantage of this as a Realtor or home seller. Just keep in mind that drones of a certain weight or size will need to be registered with the FAA.

7. Editing Your Footage 

Now it’s time to edit your realty video. Place the clips in the order in which you want the viewers to watch the layout of the house. Though you have a number of shots of the same room, make sure that it is not repeating. Go for a good mix of slides and glides. Never make the mistake of over-showing a single room. 

With online video-making platforms, it is pretty easy to create real estate videos nowadays. Choose from over 5000 pre-made templates and edit your video with ease. Pick from plenty of high-quality images, and you can share your videos on all social media platforms. Add to the mood of the video by uploading an audio file from the video editor’s library. The best part is that you can reach out to a global audience as the application helps you create videos in over seventy languages. 

Real Estate Videos That Get Real Results

In the real estate market, all the players are looking to grab a pie of the market share. Hopefully, the realty film tips discussed above will help you to increase your video views and thus increase your real estate lead conversions. Making a real estate video that shines and sells would also boost your brand image and help you gain the upper hand over your Realtor competitors.

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