Real Estate Drone Photography

real estate drone photography

Scrolling photographs of houses on the Internet, you do not always get a full-fledged figurative picture. A potential buyer begins to doubt the choice of housing when he or she does not see any features or appearance. In addition, the low quality of the photo, the absence of light or shadows, which rather causes a desire to quickly close the image presented by the seller. Real estate drone photography is created in order to make the most appropriate image and representation of human eyes. 

Aerial video for real estate will create a bright and colorful presentation of suburban or urban real estate using an unmanned aerial vehicle. Real estate drone photography is a great opportunity to get the most effective photo and video for presentation to buyers, partners or investors. Whatever it is - a country house, a residential complex or a whole cottage - shooting will show the object in all its glory from all sides. 

Who May Use Drones For Real Estate Video? 

If you have no contact with the equipment, but real estate aerial video is very necessary. You can use the services of professionals. It is carried out with the help of multicopters equipped with cameras, by the heads of professional operators. 

● Construction Companies 

A video in which a building or a residential complex is erected in just a few minutes will not only be an excellent addition to the portfolio, but also an effective advertisement. In addition, real estate drone photography will make it possible to present the object in the most favorable light to both potential buyers and investors. 

● Real Estate Agencies 

Presentation is of great importance for the successful sale of a property. Unsuccessful photos of a house can scare off a client even at the stage of viewing the ad, without even giving the opportunity to get acquainted with a potential purchase in person. And if an apartment can be easily photographed even with a phone, then it will be more problematic to capture effectively an entire building or a cottage village in a city. 

Depending on the wishes of the customer and the goals of the shooting, the necessary equipment and angles are selected. 

What Are The Advantages Of Drone Aerial Photography? 

● A building or complex of buildings is filmed from all sides, which gives a more complete picture of them. 

● Creation of a virtual tour is very effective - such a video allows a potential buyer to feel like an owner of real estate, he can feel like walking through his territory, to feel all the advantages, as they say, with immersion. 

● The location of the property is often of great importance. A cottage village near a lake and a forest belt, a residential complex with a park for walking or vice versa, in the city center, in close proximity to famous centers, clinics, and others. All this does not show one photo from the window, whereas aerial drone photography services for real estate presents all the advantages of location. 

Real Estate Drone Photography Done Right

It seems like hiring a drone photographer is a luxury. But this is not the case. Taking into account your goals and the size of your budget, you can choose an option suitable for you. At the same time, you pay only for the result, having received all the materials in your hands.

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