Seek A Reliable Partner For Your Cloud Migration Program

reliable partner cloud migration implementation program

It’s time for your company to move fully onto the cloud. The benefits are clear, and the vast majority of enterprises use cloud computing in one way or another. Cloud storage can spare your enterprise the costs of equipment and in-house server upgrades and enable your employees to work anywhere, at any time. Roughly 50% of corporate data is already stored on the cloud. What about your business data? 

Many SMBs may be tempted to entrust their cloud migration to their internal IT department. It usually is possible for them to manage that migration on their own, but there are a number of risks and costs beyond the bottom line that you should consider. 

For a smoother transition and regular maintenance, you may want to seek out services for cloud migration and day-to-day management. 

Most companies can manage cloud migration independently, but there are many reasons companies of all sizes might prefer to work with a partner in cloud migration. 

Your IT Team Doesn’t Have The Resources 

Most IT teams are capable of cloud migration, but company leaders have to ask themselves what’s getting put on the back burner while they handle cloud migration. Does your IT team have the time and resources to migrate without compromising ongoing projects or getting distracted from core business? 

The lack of resources to do it without losing focus on core business is where companies hit a roadblock to cloud migration. Outsourcing that work to cloud management services keeps your resources focused on the projects that really count. 

Budget Reduction And Cost Control 

The danger in doing it yourself is running into unexpected cloud costs that can tear through your budget. Nearly two-thirds of companies said told CIO Insights that they struggled with cloud implementation, and 74% said they brought in additional support to complete the migration. 

Moving to the cloud can and will increase the complexity of a company’s IT infrastructure, and that can make for unpredictable costs and results. 

By hiring cloud management services to take care of your migration and day-to-day operations, you’re able to control and reduce your budget. Predictable management costs will make the project more palatable and prevent it from disrupting other elements of your business. 

You’re Preparing For The Future 

Cloud technology is always changing. Older services get phased out, and support ends, while there are always new updates, improvements, and features that you need to stay on top of. Cloud service providers keep one eye on the future and assist their clients when it comes to keeping up with new advancements. 

Disaster Recovery 

Who does your company turn to when there’s a disaster? Whether it’s a cybersecurity incident or any other issue standing between you and your data, you need a robust disaster recovery plan. Working with a partner can help for the worst, and they should be able to provide more reliable data backups and more security. Cloud management services can help you balance your risks and recover when things don’t go as planned.

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