What Is a Private Cloud and Does Your Business Need One?

what is private cloud computing vs public cloud

Cloud computing has grown so much recently that it has become a necessity for modern businesses. In fact, cloud computing’s popularity is so immense that many companies can’t survive without it. According to a study, up to 91% of businesses are now considering shifting their cloud usage to accommodate new business demands. 

Due to its wide acceptance, cloud computing has diversified further. Now businesses can access the private cloud and enjoy more benefits. A private cloud delivers the same advantages as a public cloud. These include scalability and self-service. 

Apart from the benefits of private cloud, it also comes with its unique set of merits explicitly made for your business. You can only understand this if you take it to a test. 

Read on to understand why your company needs to rethink its IT infrastructure and consider implementing private cloud computing. But first, let’s know the basics of private cloud and see how it differs from public cloud computing. 

What Is a Private Cloud? 

To understand the private cloud, you first need to understand everything about cloud computing in general. This model involves a virtualized system that uniquely empowers your business. Cloud computing gives your business the ability to operate all its virtualization processes remotely. 

When using cloud computing, all your specified users can access any computer within your company. It will not matter the kind of hardware infrastructure or in-house servers that the computers use. 

Cloud computing comes in three different categories, namely, public, private, and hybrid cloud. Public cloud is where third party providers own the computer resources and control them on behalf of the business. Private cloud computing allows the company to have access to all cloud architecture with no third party involvement. 

As your business grows, its technological needs also increase. It then reaches a point when public cloud packages can no longer manage your business needs. When this happens, you’ll need to go for a private cloud package. 

The infrastructure of private computing is either hosted with on-site data centers or a third party. However, only the company can manage and access it. 

With this kind of management, your company can play around with the private cloud and tailor it to meet its needs. Many of these business needs are on security and privacy. 

Does Your Business Need Private Cloud? 

With the many private cloud benefits, there is no way your business will like to be left out. Compared to a public cloud, there are way too many benefits that the latter presents to your business. Imagine a system that enables you to gain all the advantages of a public cloud and a range of uses within itself. 

Well, to help you better understand what this means, take a look at some significant private cloud benefits outlined below. Let’s see if these benefits will lure you into adopting private cloud computing. 

Improved Security and Privacy 

You can’t deny the fact that the public cloud has managed to offer excellent security for businesses. A private cloud provides added protection for your business. It comes with a dedicated firewall, anti-virus programs, and physical security. 

All these work together to protect your data from any external threats. While protecting you from external threats, you should never forget that internal threats are also there. 

But again, you should rest easy knowing that you’ll have complete control of who can see your data. There will be no third party access to your data, as the case with the public cloud, unless you authorize it. 

When your business uses a private cloud, you’ll always be aware of the location of your data and who’s in charge of your security. You can meet and talk with your provider for any kind of support, and they’ll be at your service. With access limited to your employees and authorized third parties, you’ve assurance of tighter security for your private data. 

A private cloud enables a business to protect client data from hackers or any spying eyes. You’ll have complete access to all your security logs, hence able to respond fast in case you suspect a data breach. 

Who wouldn’t want such kind of protection in this era of cyber threats? Not your business. 

Private Cloud Offers Better Flexibility 

Everyone wants flexibility and freedom in running their business. Private cloud gives you the freedom to tear down and spin up your servers in a few minutes without any problems. The network provides your business with the power to be more flexible and ready to implement any changes. 

Your business needs all the time you can give it to run its other operations. Luckily, cloud computing allows you to create your server on a flight, so you won’t waste too much time needed for running your business. 

Whether you need more disk space, ram, or CPU, private computing is with you in this. Private cloud computing allows you to reallocate all the necessary resources in a matter of minutes. You’ll not worry about finding your physical server because you’ll have all the help that your business needs. 

You can always have your team create new protocols, launch new side servers, and relocate resources as you wish. You don’t go through any trouble finding servers that can accommodate your business needs. Private computing gives your business the freedom to build those servers within itself. 

Private Cloud Computing Is Customizable 

No business is constant, and you should expect to grow with time. With the dedication that cloud computing provides, you’ll be able to customize it any time to meet the growing needs of your business. You will easily customize your cloud configurations so that it matches the ever-changing technological needs of your business. 

What’s more, you’ll primarily benefit from private cloud virtualization if you’re running a much larger company. With a large company, you can easily customize and virtualize your servers, saving a lot of time in the process. As you scale up, your business will operate more servers at reduced costs. 

Private cloud gives you all the necessary tools and space you need when your business expands. Private cloud gives you all the essential resources you need as your business grows. The cloud is always ready to expand with you whenever you need to make some adjustments within your company. 

Private Cloud Is Less Expensive 

It’s the dream of every business to spend less and earn more. Your business can cut off expenses and achieve its saving goal by getting private cloud computing. According to 451 Research, many companies have recorded spending less on cloud computing when they go private. 

Public cloud comes with other hidden charges, including network bandwidth. Many businesses end up not being aware of the total ownership costs of public cloud computing. 41% of IT personnel agree that private computing cost less than public cloud. 

Private cloud gives you all the benefits that your business desires and offers you a cheap solution for your business. Your business does not only save money with private cloud computing but also saves valuable time. The cloud will come with only the essentials that your business needs. 

Cloud Computing Offers Better Resource Management 

Private cloud computing allows you to better manage the resources within your business by enabling sharing. It comes with virtualization, which adds value to your physical server hardware. 

If your business was using five servers, it equates to an average of 10% CPU utilization. You could virtualize the five servers into one physical server. 

By sharing resources, your business benefits from less rack space, reduced power consumption, and easier resource management. You can create copies of your server and have them up and running within a twinkle of an eye. 

Virtualization ensures that no resources in your business are underused. It improves resource utilization. You can deploy workloads to a different physical server whenever the resource demands change. 

Gives Your Business Complete Control 

The freedom to control your business without any third party interference is essential. The private cloud will only be accessible to your employees. Meaning no one else will interfere with the networks without your authorization. 

You’ll control the configuration and the management. You have the freedom to develop networks that will ultimately help your business. 

Having better control also means you can access your business from anywhere. You’ll also decide to use the networks on or off-sites. 

You can customize a private cloud to fit whatever your IT management team needs. You can even change to use the network with bandwidths with private cloud. Your team will enjoy working with a system that can meet all their needs no matter how often they keep changing. 

Private Cloud Is Reliable and Resilient 

The virtual private server environments allow you to offer more security to your data. While failure is unavoidable, the network is more resilient than ever to combat any failures that may come up. If anything that may lead to data loss occurs, private computing will perform immediate backups. 

The networks allow your team to shift resources to safer servers in case of a crash. This way, your business will quickly mitigate the crash’s effects and resume normal operations as if nothing happened. You won’t keep your clients waiting as you recover from a disaster with private cloud computing. 

Additional Disaster Protection 

If you combine virtual private cloud servers with storage area networks (SAN), you’ll get the perfect protection from disasters. This combination ensures a balance between servers and automatic shift on server resources. SAN enables your business to perform system maintenance without causing downtime. 

If you’re operating more than one server, you can shut down one and experience no downtime. You can now experience the feeling of upgrading your software without problems. You can add more RAM, or replace a hard drive without experiencing downtime with private cloud and SAN. 

When done correctly, you can power off a server and automatically shift to virtual servers to any available server in the cloud. This process allows your business to take your disaster management to the next level. In case you experience any problems, SAN and private clouds will work in harmony to ensure you resume normal operations in less than an hour. 

Easy Backups and Updates 

In case a disaster occurs and your business cannot protect itself from data loss, there will still be another alternative. With a private cloud, you’ll never have to start fresh or face inconveniences because of data loss. With a contingency plan in place, you’re always at peace knowing that your data is safe. 

In case the unexpected happens, a private cloud ensures your data is safe through back up options. You always have automatic backups ready to get you back on your feet after a major disaster. 

As if that’s not enough, private clouds still have another surprise for you in the form of regular updates. A private cloud keeps you updated with all the latest technologies. Your business can now say goodbye to software updates that cost a lot of time and money, all thanks to private cloud computing. 

Are You Still Doubtful About Private Cloud? 

Cloud computing has revolutionized how businesses operate. But private cloud for businesses has made this revolution even better. As long as you have a reliable technology partner covering your back, modern private cloud computing will undoubtedly see your business to the next level. 

Your tech business should never be left behind when it comes to configuring its technological needs. Private cloud computing is, without a doubt, a fantastic solution for both agencies and enterprises. Get a private cloud package and have something that will grow with your business for several years. 

If you still need more help deciding whether private cloud computing is right for you, we still have your back with an expert guide. Browse this site for your private cloud computing needs and all other technical aspects of your business in the Tech section of our blog.

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