Perfectionism – A Problem Or An Advantage?

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Does it pay to try and be perfect in business and in your personal life? A coin has two sides, and so does perfectionism. The concept of ‘perfectionism’ can be seen as a way to achieve success, or it can also be treated as a problem. Someone once said that life is more similar to poker than it is to chess or checkers. A lot of high-pressure decisions have to be made, and there is a lot of uncertainty as well. If you still didn’t get the gist of it, just try playing poker online. Some things just come down to chance and luck, no matter how much you try to control the odds and outcome. 

The subject of being a perfectionist in your career or personal life is quite deep, but we’re still going to dig deep and find out what it is. 

What Is Perfectionism? 

Now, a perfectionist is someone who refuses to agree to or accept anything short of perfection. People might call them delusional or nuts, or claim that they are bent on irritating everyone around them. This may not seem bad for someone who works in a highly competitive field. Perfectionism can work out well in many professional scenarios, but nothing is ever straightforward or without cost.

The Perks Of Being A Perfectionist 

Let’s say you are an event manager and like to be a perfectionist – we don’t think that’s wrong! The bride and groom not only invest money in their wedding venue, décor, and food, but they also expect a dream wedding. 

As a perfectionist, you would want everything to be seamless. The cake should taste good, but it should look as good. The bride and groom’s entry should be dramatic, romantic, and dreamy. The décor has to be classy, and substitutes won’t be allowed in the venue. That’s your job! You cannot say NO to the couple as they are looking forward to a dream wedding. In this case, you have to be a perfectionist. 

Now let’s take another example of an ardent casino gamer. He is playing poker online but, in his mind, he will win a whopping jackpot amount. He will leave no stone unturned to win the game and bag heaps of money. The casino enthusiast practices the game day in and day out researches the latest tricks to reach a stage of perfection. So, if you look at both examples, perfectionists are not bad people. They do everything with dedication and want the best from life, their profession, and passions. 

What Is So Bad About Winning Anyway? 

Perfectionism is seen as a positive trait and not a flaw. Perfectionists are highly driven, and they ensure that everything is in sync. You may feel they are trying too hard to impress, but it is possible that they are just doing their job efficiently. 

Why Is Perfectionism A Potential Problem? 

Perfectionists don’t like losing. Here’s a fun fact: losing and winning is just part and parcel of life. If there is a student who is striving hard to get an A grade in all the subjects, they may be devastated if they spot a B. They may feel dejected and feel like a failure. Yes, you wanted perfection and nothing less than that, but it’s not possible every single time. 

Mistakes do not translate to failure. A perfectionist should be emotionally ready for accepting mistakes and experiencing certain hurdles in life. Making a mistake is a learning opportunity and not the end of the world or a career.

Living Up To Everyone’s Expectations 

If you have always been an all-rounder in school or college, your colleagues, friends, and family would expect you to excel in your career and personal life. You must know that there is no such thing as the perfect boss, perfect job, or perfect marriage. 

A perfectionist is always under pressure that they have to put their best foot forward. But there will be a time that some things may not be perfect or permanent. You will experience failed relationships, hurdles in your career, misunderstandings with your colleagues, and clashes with your boss. 

The world expects a lot from you, but you need to chin up when something does not go your way. In a nutshell, keep working hard and achieve your goals. However, make sure you are ready for bumps along the way. Always remember that life’s not perfect, and you will have low moments some days!

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