How PPE Vending Machine Keeps Employees Safe At Work

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Even before the pandemic hit, the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) in the workplace wasn't something totally unheard of. Different industries have been utilizing them mainly for compliance. However, the pandemic made PPE vending machines a necessity in organizations and companies, regardless of their type of industry. 

What Are PPE Vending Machines? 

Perhaps, a vending machine would instantly make you think of sodas, candies, chips, and other edible products. That's normal because these machines are widely used for such purposes. But if you're familiar with how workspaces function, you'll also know that there are vending machines for different items besides snacks. Sanitary or hygiene products, cigarettes, newspapers or magazines, and even lottery tickets are just examples of things you can purchase from a vending machine. And today, don't be surprised if there are also vending units that offer PPEs for employees. 

Vending machines play an essential role in lessening human contact, which is feared because of the widespread virus. Needless to say, their presence makes employees feel safer at work. To add, workers are more confident that their employers and organization are doing the best they can to protect the welfare of everyone. 

Benefits Of PPE Vending Machines 

As an employer, you're responsible for several aspects concerning your team's security, safety, and wellness. As such, it's worth considering to avail of at least one safety PPE vending machine for everyone. By having such, employees can protect themselves better, and the workspace will be safer and more productive in more ways than one. 

If you don't have a PPE vending machine for your workspace yet, it might be time to consider getting one. Here are some ways a unit like this can keep your employees safe at work: 

• Remote Vending Is Possible 

The primary purpose of having a vending unit for PPEs is to reduce physical contact. So, it's only fitting that the machine has intelligent features that allow employees to transact or do their thing using their mobile phones. Some PPE vending machines offer touchless vending, which means anyone with access can conveniently and quickly get anything they need from the device without having to go near it for the transaction to take place. 

All they need is their employee badges that they can scan for the issuance of their PPE. Your team won't need to get any barcode or do unnecessary scanning because the badge should be enough to authorize their vend. Additionally, you can rest assured that the correct kit will be given to staff according to their departments and level of access. 

• There's A Feature For Efficient Contact Tracing 

Depending on the PPE vending machines supplier or manufacturer you select, you can have the feature that allows for contact tracing. The software makes it possible to run reports and quick tracing to identify any contaminated or compromised equipment. Because the database has organized data with seamless inventory, you won't need to do any manual contact tracing. 

You can have a list of workers who were in contact with the team member who used the contaminated kit. Having this information is vital in making sure necessary steps are taken without delay. You can immediately and efficiently decide whether the facility needs to be shut down for quarantine, thus minimizing your team's risk exposure. 

benefits ppe vending machine at work

• Better Inventory Management 

Because the database already logs every return and issuance of kits, you can expect detailed and updated inventory management. This can significantly help in making sure you have enough stock of PPEs for everyone in the organization. Employees won't feel left out because there's no possibility of running out of safety kits to use and wear. It's reassuring to see the vending machine always filled with supplies, and as such, people will be more motivated to remain productive at work. 

• Safety Equipment And Accessories Are Always Available 

PPEs don't only involve medical-related items against COVID-19. Suppose you're in the construction or manufacturing industry. In that case, your vending machines can include safety equipment such as earplugs, vests, goggles, first aid kits, hydration products, fall protection items, respirators, and other safety gears. These tools and equipment are critical in reducing workplace injuries and accidents, thus maintaining a safer and cleaner environment. PPE vending machines give you peace of mind as well whether you are an employee, manager, or owner. 

Final Thoughts On PPE Vending Machine Benefits

PPE vending machines can be of great help to any workplace. Not only are these units convenient and easy to use, but more importantly, they can make employees feel safer at work. With features such as remote vending, contact tracing, and inventory management, you know that investing in such technological advancement is worth every penny. You can expect the team to be more driven, secure, productive, and healthier as they do their job. Investing in PPE vending machines is an investment in your employees and risk management as well.

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