The Best Practices For Preventing Workplace Injuries

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Workplace injuries are surprisingly common. In the United States, a person is injured on the job every 7 seconds, as stated by the National Safety Council. If the circumstances are unlucky, one of your employees will suffer a fall or they’re struck by an object. What do you do then? That person will get in touch with a lawyer and bring legal action against you. The law protects employees, so they can’t be dismissed or even victimized for bringing a workers’ compensation claim. No matter the size of your business, take the necessary steps to make the workplace safe. You don’t want anyone to get injured on the job, do you? Here’s a review of the best practices when it comes down to preventing workplace injuries.

Come Up With A Safety Plan 

Planning is useful because it helps build a framework for policies and procedures to transform safety into the number one priority. Practically, it represents the foundation for a safe work environment. A plan of this kind should cover all the issues, such as working at height or electrical hazards. The good news is that the vast majority of workplace injuries are preventable. If you’re determined to make things happen, then no injury will occur. Take a stroll through the facilities and see if you can identify potential risks and hazards. Transform your findings into safety guidelines and make sure that employees follow the rules. 

Each person should receive a copy of the workplace safety plan and be notified if there are any updates to the plan. Having a plan in place isn’t enough, but it’s surely a great place to start. It’s recommended to analyze the safety plan on a daily basis and note changes that have to be made. You can save a great deal of money by simply reducing safety risks, not to mention that workers will be much more productive. So, create clear guidelines for your employees and promote a culture of safety and health in your company. Keep in mind that it’s a matter of time before something bad happens. 

Provide Personal Protective Equipment 

These days, almost everyone should wear personal protective equipment. The COVID- 19 virus has spread with rapidity from country to country and it can strike at any time in your local community. Provide surgical masks, sterile gloves, eye protection, and so on. They are vital in the battle against the novel coronavirus. If the people within your organization have direct contact with customers, they should do so with extra care. Now isn’t the time or place to discuss liability from COVID-19, but you should know that sick employees can seek damages, through workers’ compensation. 

As the novel coronavirus becomes more widespread across America, more and more claimants are tuning up and accusing employers of violating the laws. In Virginia, a disease may be compensable like other injuries. Virginia workers’ compensation system provides legal protection due to job-related illnesses and people can sue to collect reimbursement. Getting back on topic, personal protective equipment succeeds in minimizing the exposure to hazards that can cause serious illness or injury. If the tasks involve some sort of environmental risk to the worker, personal protective equipment is of the essence. Talk to your employees and find out what colors or models they want. 

Don’t Ever Take Shortcuts 

If you want your business to win in the long-term, don’t take shortcuts because you risk making huge mistakes. What entrepreneurs do is seek alternative routes when it comes down to the overall safety of the facility, such as using improper tools or requiring employees to skip lunch breaks. You should hold yourself to a higher standard. The decision to take a shortcut may very well be motivated, but it is not the best course of action. Implement the necessary safeguards and protect others, as well as yourself. Legislators have arrived at the conclusion that it’s best for employees to access compensation regardless of fault. However, that doesn’t mean that you’re immune to personal injury claims. 

The role of shortcuts is to eliminate wasted time, meet deadlines, and, obviously, to get more done. As far as safety is concerned, however, it is not a good idea to cut corners. Understand that you are playing games with people’s lives. If someone isn’t able to find the ladder and reaches too far for an item, they will fall. Do you know what happens after a trip and fall at work? The person will no doubt contact a lawyer to help them navigate the world of workers’ compensation and could possibly bring a lawsuit against you. If the plaintiff has the standing to sue, they won’t hesitate to do it. 

Stay Up To Date With Vehicle Maintenance 

Providing cars for the people in your organization has many advantages. It is easier for people to get to work because they don’t have to rely on public transit. What is more, the use of a company vehicle is considered a working condition benefit, so you are showing employees that you are investing in them. Happier people means reduced costs for your organization. Needless to say, the automobiles have to be maintained on a regular basis. Car maintenance helps avoid accidents due to faulty brakes or electrical problems. In case you didn’t already know, vehicle accidents result from unperformed vehicle maintenance. 

Keep company cars in excellent condition. See if they are up to date with manufacturer standards and have an experienced mechanic look at the auto fleet from time to time. Instruct your workers to drive slowly and insist they don’t use electronics, mobile phones, in particular, when they are behind the wheel. Last but not least, if you can afford to incorporate the right technology. A rear-view camera will enable the driver to check the blind spot and avoid unfortunate accidents involving pedestrians. It is the least you can do to help prevent workplace accidents

Workplace safety can save your business a lot of money. Something as simple as implementing a safety plan or regularly maintaining company vehicles can go a long way in terms of decreasing business expenses. Make sure you’re doing enough to keep the workplace safe inside out.

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