Industries That Need Online Fax For Communication And Exchange Of Documents

industries needing online fax documents cloud faxing

The popularity of online faxing has greatly increased among businesses looking for fast and secure means of data transfer and exchange of paperwork documents. Much more businesses are looking to adopt this cloud fax technology due to its benefits in the communication industry. The businesses and industries requiring digital faxes include: 

1. Healthcare Organizations 

Apart from being acutely important for human life, the healthcare industry churns out lots of valuable patient information. This data is essential for the advancement of medical practice e.g. through research and development. For instance, data on new drugs and treatment procedures. 

Another consideration in the healthcare industry is how the data is shared with various people some of whom may be in remote locations around the globe according to dentist, Pardip Sansi. Traditionally, most of such data has been shared through emails, a platform that has been the main target of phishing attacks. 

Because of the value and sensitivity of primary medical data, healthcare data resources are constantly under threat from hackers and attackers who want to steal and sell the information for large amounts of money. Luckily, online faxing provides a safe and secure connection for sending patient data to authorized recipients only, eliminating attacks that cause loss of data during transmission. 

2. Law Companies 

Law firms have to deal with a lot of paperwork including evidence documents, written submissions, contract documents, and client information, and general correspondence. There are many instances where a law firm must share such information with clients and other institutions like courts. For integrity reasons, such information must be shared in a safe and secure way to protect the accuracy of the information by avoiding alteration, theft, or manipulation of the data. 

Online faxing provides one of the safest and most convenient methods of sending information displayed on paper documents. For instance, one only needs to connect a scanner to a computer with digital fax software for the paper document to be scanned and sent to the recipient’s address. 

Apart from providing a secure means of communication, online faxing saves time because the recipient of the message prints out the information on paper without saving it again on their computer. You can include printable fax cover sheets with your document. Direct and secure transmission of information can endear your law firm to the courts and related institutions, while also building a good rapport in your firm. 

3. Professional Business Marketing 

Sometimes, businesses must look for safe ways to connect directly with their buyers and build personal relationships to help boost their sales. To some extent, email marketing has played its role but it is a platform where businesses are continually facing competition from the well- established email-marketing agencies. In such cases, when the customers open their inbox, there is a hoard of unread emails, most of which are lost as spam emails or completely ignored. 

On the other hand, online faxing provides professional marketers with an advantage over their competitors because the sent information is printed on paper, making it difficult for the recipient to ignore the advert or message. Once the prospective customers have the message, they can then connect to your business to make a purchase. 

4. Banks And Other Financial Institutions 

Signature verification is one of the main security protocols in the banking sector. For instance, bank customers need to authorize specific transactions by signing the relevant documents. Such security protocols are important for compliance with government laws and boosting public confidence in banking institutions. Customer confidence in banking systems and operations keeps banks in business. 

Online faxing is one of the best and safest ways for banks to receive customer signatures from individuals far away from the bank. The bank faxes the required documentation to their customer, and the customer faxes back the document to the bank after appending their signature. Additionally, online faxing is the ideal solution for customers who are not confident of the safety and accountability of other digital banking systems and prefer relying on paper documents as proof of transaction. 

5. Government Organizations 

Various government institutions send and receive a fair share of important and confidential documents, implying the need for a secure and verified means of communication and information exchange. For instance, a business needs to prove tax compliance to the authorities must provide physical proof of a signed document. 

Additionally, to access a tax compliance certificate, you can request the tax department to fax the document to you to enable the printing of a hard copy document. On average, online faxing is cheaper than physical delivery of mails. Additionally, online faxing can deliver documents for government institutions in a much safer and faster way than most methods including mail. 

6. Real Estate Companies 

The main goal of the real estate industry is to link property buyers with sellers. During the initial stages of real estate transactions such as a sale, plenty of documents are exchanged between the involved parties. Some of these documents include property titles, pictures, and maps. Online faxes help realtors to connect and exchange property documents with different clients in various locations with plenty of ease. 

Also, there is room to customize each sale’s advertisement, incorporating only the details the buyer is looking for. 

Another benefit of online faxing is its capacity to draw the attention of the recipient because the document is printed on a hard copy. With cloud faxing, there is stronger communication between buyers and sellers, and hence a high likelihood of closing the deal fast. 

7. Investment Funds 

Investment managers have a professional duty to keep their clients updated regarding the performance of their investment portfolios. Sometimes, the methods used to rely on part of the information include phone calls and emails. 

However, one can inadvertently miss a call. At the same time, calling a multitude of clients can be quite expensive for the fund manager. Also, emails can be easily lost when marked out as spam messages or remain unread for a long time. 

Online faxing presents investors with all the information in a physical format or hard copy document. Documents sent via cloud fax can then be printed and filed, and investors can revisit and read them later.

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