4 Ways Cloud Faxing Improves Productivity

ways cloud faxing improves business productivity

In today's competitive business world, anything that can give you an edge against other businesses will help you get ahead. Ideally, if you have a highly productive team, it can be easy to keep customers happy and move the business forward. The efficiency of how you handle your business processes will significantly influence your team's productivity. Your workforce needs to communicate internally, attend to customers, and deal with daily operations efficiently.

Sadly, if you are still relying on conventional fax machines, your productivity is bound to take a hit. Using traditional fax machines ties employees to specific areas in your office, and they are prone to breaking down over time. Your business productivity could benefit from a boost from cloud faxing. 

Here is how cloud faxing can improve your business productivity: 

Send Fax From Anywhere 

Fax machines are still widely used worldwide, but have one major drawback - they generally require one location in an office to operate. If employees have to work out of the office or are full-time remote employees, they need to access your office to print out or send fax documents. Alternatively, they will have to look for a public fax machine to access the information being shared. 

With cloud faxing, you can receive and send a fax from Gmail or other emails, regardless of your location - you do not have to be close to a fax machine. As long as an employee has a smartphone or a laptop, accessing and sharing documents is instantaneous. This can save employees the trouble of having to search for public fax machines, saving valuable time. 

Save Time Spent At The Fax Machine 

As a small business, you might lack the resources to invest in multiple fax machines. If you have only one machine, employees might spend ages waiting in line for their turn. Not to mention the time required to walk over to the machine to access it. On the flip side, cloud faxing gives employees instant access to shared documents. 

It also allows them to share any document they have with little effort, instantly. As long as your employees have a laptop or smartphone, interacting with workplace documents will be easy. This investment saves time that would have been spent waiting in line to receive their fax, and allows them to attend to core business needs. Time-saving solutions improve productivity. 

No More Troubleshooting 

Owning a fax machine adds another layer of complications for the IT department. Fax infrastructure demands a lot of attention, from repairs and maintenance to ensuring smooth fax operations during high-volume needs. Your IT team must replace the toner cartridges frequently, maintain paper supplies, and update the software licenses to continue using the machine. 

If there are any delays in doing this, your daily operations might come to a standstill. You will barely manage to share data with customers and staff members. Cloud faxing reduces this complexity by eliminating the need for a physical fax machine. Once you eliminate the need to maintain and repair the fax machine, your IT department can revert to doing what it does best - attending to core business issues. 

Improve Communication 

Instant access to information can be invaluable for any business. The fact that employees spend 2.5 hours of each working day searching for information makes quicker access information access essential. If you are still running the legacy fax machine, the time employees take compiling information could be quite long.

improve company communications efficiency

Accessing and sharing information can be frustrating for them, which could lower productivity in your workforce. The whole process of using a fax machine to share data is also inefficient. For instance, employees have to type in the fax number every time they are sharing the data. Cloud faxing makes sharing data easier. Fax numbers that you often share documents with are saved in a database, making sharing documents fast and less prone to errors. 

More Efficiency Equals Better Productivity 

You should eliminate any inefficient processes in your business if you want to embrace high productivity levels. Replacing your fax machine with cloud faxing is a great place to start. Besides, most solutions come with tailored features to make sharing information via cloud faxing more seamless for your business.

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