Increase Quality Of Your YouTube Videos With 2 Simple Improvements To Video Production

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Your content must stand out above the rest on YouTube. Producing good video content does not need to be difficult, but good tools can dramatically improve its quality. This article will cover two simple areas of production that can turn your average videos into great ones. What is the first thing that pops into your head when you hear "High-Quality YouTube Videos?" Is it a costly high-end camera? What is the best camera for YouTube? Pricey audio gear? Perhaps even a fancy-looking intro and outro for each video. These things can be helpful, but they are not needed for a high-quality video on YouTube. 

Here are the two video production improvements to increase the quality of your YouTube videos and YouTube channel success.

1. Choose The Best Camera For YouTube 

Choosing the best camera for YouTube videos can be complicated. There are so many cameras on the market that it can be confusing. Knowing what features your camera should have and what is unnecessary is essential to know for video recording. Some of the most important features you want to look for on a video camera are the ability to shoot smooth footage and a user-friendly interface with easy access to necessary features, such as focus and exposure controls. It is also beneficial for a YouTuber if you have a compact camera and the ability to capture footage with an external microphone for better audio quality. We will take a look at different camera types; mirrorless cameras, pocket cinema cameras, and action cameras so you can decide what is right for you. 

Mirrorless Camera 

Mirrorless cameras are compact cameras that don't have shutters, like DSLR cameras. Mirrorless cameras have interchangeable lenses, shoot full HD and 4K video, and shoot some of the best footage in the video market. Many mirrorless cameras, such as the Sony Cameras, include optical image stabilization and a fully articulating screen. If you are looking for the best camera for YouTube, a mirrorless camera would be a great choice. 

Pocket Cinema Camera 

A pocket cinema camera is a small camera that packs a powerful cinematic punch. While these are great cameras, you want to make sure it is the right camera for you. Frequently, cinema cameras come with a higher price tag than mirrorless cameras. These cameras use interchangeable lenses, but often don't have the advantages of optical image stabilization and articulating screens. The product of a pocket cinema camera is often of a similar or higher quality to that of a mirrorless camera. If you are looking for a look similar to a big- screen movie, this may be the type of camera perfect for you. 

Action Camera 

Action cameras are very different from cinema cameras or mirrorless cameras. They are usually much smaller and have a fixed lens. There are generally fewer camera settings that can be changed. These cameras typically have an auto mode and self-focus. Their purpose is much different than the previously mentioned cameras. Action cameras are meant to be rugged and used to capture video in the midst of the action taking place. Unlike most cameras, action cameras are usually capable of capturing slow motion in camera, which is pretty cool. These cameras might not be the only camera you want, but an excellent addition to include with your gear. 

2. Choose The Best Microphone 

Audio quality can make or break a video and is equally as important as the visuals you are producing. While you might have the best camera for YouTube, you also need the best microphone for YouTube that produces amazing sound quality. Capturing clean and clear audio takes an external microphone that can be plugged in directly to your camera or an external recorder. There are multiple microphones, but the three most useful to produce YouTube videos are a shotgun mic, a condenser microphone, and a lavalier mic. 

Shotgun Mic 

A shotgun mic is a reasonably small microphone that can be attached to the top of a camera. Shotgun mics are a drastic improvement to the audio quality recorded by the camera and can be purchased at an affordable price. Because Shotgun mics are plugged directly into the camera, they have the benefit of allowing you to plug headphones into the headphone jack of your camera and listen to the sound being captured by the mic in real- time. This is great for spotting problems and making adjustments. Overall, a shotgun mic would be your best bet to increase the sound quality of your camera. 

Condenser Microphone 

A condenser microphone is located directly in front of the person speaking and records to an external recorder. While these record fantastic sound, they are not as mobile and convenient as shotgun mics. The best use for these microphones would be an interview setting with a person seated and not moving around. If there will be little movement and people will be stationary, this may be the microphone you are looking for. 

Lavalier Mic 

Lavalier mics are tiny microphones that are attached to the person being recorded. They don't record as great of sound as condenser mics, but they can move with the person. Also, compared to shotgun mics, the talent can be farther away from the camera and still record perfect sound. Lavalier mic is your best option to record clear sound from multiple people moving and not close to the camera. There is no one-size-fits-all microphone. Each situation you are shooting requires you to decide on what mic is best for that scene. 

YouTube Video Production Proficiency 

Suppose you want to increase the quality of your YouTube videos. The best camera for YouTube is one with the capability to record smooth footage. Smooth footage is essential to achieve a cinematic video. Look at all your options with mirrorless cameras and pocket cinema cameras. Adding an action camera to your gear is also a fantastic idea for YouTubers. It would be best if you used the right mic to capture clean audio. The three most valuable microphones for recording sound are shotgun mics, condenser mics, and lavalier mics. Pairing the right mic with the right camera will raise the bar of your video content. Your fans will notice the increased production quality of your YouTube videos.

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