Elite Shangri La Casino Kyiv Has Opened In A Five-Star Hotel

shangri la casino kyiv opens five star hotel ukraine resort

In May 2021, in the very center of Kyiv, in the building of a fashionable hotel, a premium casino was opened. It is managed by the famous world holding Storm International. This incredibly luxurious and at the same time sophisticated and stylish place is aimed at a respectable audience and offers an extremely wide selection of the best entertainment. 

It should be noted that the launch of a gambling complex, especially a casino of such a level as Shangri La, requires significant financial investments. The gambling business is steadily associated with big money. The casino owners are thought of as people who are literally swimming in money. Perhaps it is true, however, as in any other business, considerable investments are needed here too. Moreover, we are talking not only about the obvious costs of renting premises and hiring qualified employees for the casino. You need to spend money on a license, and meet a whole list of requirements to get it. It is necessary to attend to the purchase of high-quality equipment and train the staff to work with it. You need to secure a bank deposit to pay out winnings to lucky players. And this is not a complete list of the difficulties for those who want to enter the gambling business. 

Despite a number of problems and the need for such significant material costs, Storm International successfully launched its first casino in the capital of Ukraine. And this is the first and so far the only foreign resort operator who decided to start a business in the country. Many investors are stopped by the fact that some legal instruments are still not ready in Ukraine for a full-fledged market launch. For example, due to the lack of an online monitoring system, all gambling operators are required to pay a triple license cost. According to the holding representatives, the period of return on investment is estimated at about eight years. 

In Kyiv, a license to conduct gambling in a casino costs 360 million UAH for five years and this is without taking into account the annual fee for each gambling table and slot machine. The cost of the license depends on the size of the minimum wage established on January 1 of the year in which it is issued. Funds for it are paid annually in equal installments. So, Storm International has already contributed UAH 72 million to the state budget of Ukraine only for a license. The casino has 20 gaming tables and 3 roulette tables, the license for each of which costs more than UAH 500,000 and UAH 1 million, respectively. As well as 80 slot machines, the fee for each is UAH 36,000. Thus, the new casino has already brought about UAH 90 million to the state treasury. And this is against the backdrop of still unfinished legislation and uncertainty regarding the taxation system of the gambling industry. This attitude testifies to dedication to their work. And Shangri La Casino Kyiv can really offer an amazing entertainment range and the highest service level. 

There are several gambling halls in the establishment: the main one with table games, a slot hall and an area for VIP players with high bets. As in all brand units, there will be many promotions and sweepstakes with valuable prizes. A distinctive feature of Shangri La is its extremely respectful attitude towards customers. The professional staff courtesy will surely be remembered by many Kyiv players and foreign guests. In addition, casino visitors can take advantage of a cozy bar and restaurants, secure parking, and order junket tours. Those players who wish to stay at the Fairmont Grand Hotel will be offered the most spacious rooms in the capital of Ukraine. 

Shangri La Guests Are Accommodated In A 5-Star Hotel 

Fairmont Grand Hotel Kyiv is a part of the Fairmont Hotels & Resorts chain, known for its stately palaces, magnificent lodges and luxurious golf clubs. The first Fairmont Hotels & Resorts were opened over 100 years ago in San Francisco. Today this prestigious chain has hotels all over the world. 

Fairmont Grand Hotel Kyiv is a magnificent building that captures the spirit of a European grand hotel - its charm and sophisticated aristocratic atmosphere. It is located in the very heart of Kyiv, on the right bank of the Dnipro River. At your service are 258 rooms, including suites, as well as grandiose Presidential and Royal apartments, with an area of more than 160 m 2 and 200 m 2 , respectively. A separate topic is the hotel's cuisine. The Fairmont restaurants are distinguished not only by a rich menu and magnificent surroundings, but also by attention to detail. The hotel's renowned SPA center offers the best specialists services to make your stay as pleasant as possible. In addition, the Fairmont Hotel is also a great shopping opportunity. Here you will certainly be advised where the most famous boutiques and shopping galleries in Kyiv are located. 

About Shangri La Brand 

The founder of the Shangri La empire is the British Michael Boettcher. In 1991 he visited Ukraine and Russia for the first time. In the USSR, casinos were banned, and in the early nineties the market was just opening. In 1992 Boettcher moved to Moscow and opened a small casino on behalf of an American company. But soon the American investor decided to leave the market, and Boettcher continued the business he had begun. This is how Storm International was founded in 1992. And in 1998, Storm received an offer to manage a gambling club on Pushkin Square, which Boettcher turned into the first legendary Shangri La casino. Then gambling complexes were opened in Yerevan, Minsk and Tbilisi. 

The brand also operates gambling halls in Germany and launched its own internet platforms with traditional slots and live online casino games. These projects quickly gained popularity in the online gambling market. 

The sites have a huge collection of gambling entertainment, offering 2 000+ products from 50+ developers. Here you can find slots, progressive jackpot games, Live Casino, scratchcards and an extensive sports betting section. Kyiv became a new chapter in the brand's biography. The company is also planning to open a casino in Kharkiv and a Slots City chain throughout the country.

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