Startup Guide To Become A Successful Amazon Seller

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Becoming an Amazon seller gives you the chance to earn extra income. According to a new report, 74% of Amazon sellers get $1,000 or more per month. Besides that, 39% of sellers receive around $10,000 or more in sales every month. 

But it is an increasingly competitive marketplace with tight margins and little leeway from, so you need to know what you are doing to experience e-commerce excellence. It helps if you are choosing Jungle Scout packages to help with your Amazon income optimization. Beginners need expertise guidance and tools to increase their chances of success.

You may have read about how to rank high and earn more profits as an Amazon seller on various platforms, but what if you do not know how to start as a profitable seller. To help you out, here we will provide a detailed startup's guide for thriving as an Amazon seller. 

A Detailed Startup's Guide To Becoming A Triumphant Amazon Seller 

Here is the detailed step-by-step guide which will explain how to evolve as a successful Amazon seller. 

Step 1: Creating An Amazon Seller Account 

First of all, you have to sign up to sell on Amazon by finishing the Amazon seller account registration procedure. The entire process can be completed within minutes if you already have the list of the necessary information. 

• You must create a business email account before getting started with the seller registration procedure. 

• After that, you need to provide the seller's details, for example, name, contact info, and address. 

• You have to give bank account details for depositing the funds in your account. The credit card is essential for selecting the Pro Account (subscription plan) and advertisement expenses. 

• As Amazon calls you while conducting the registration procedure, keep your phone charged and within your reach. 

• Lastly, you need to maintain the tax information details. It also comprises the social security number or company federal tax ID number and state tax ID information. 

Step 2: Finalizing The Best Type Of Product To Sell On Amazon 

Before starting as an Amazon seller, you need to conclude which product to sell. If you have a few types of products in your mind, you can observe the competitors and the consumer demand for that product. After that, you can select the product that has an adequate demand. 

Discovering the best product to sell on Amazon is not an easy task, and it needs some time. One of the best tips to become a successful Amazon seller is you need to launch products that have high demand with low competitors. 

Step 3: Contacting The Supplier And Shipper 

After concluding the type of product to sell on Amazon, you need to find shippers and suppliers. It is crucial to find the best suppliers who can transport the goods to your Amazon FBA storage. In the U.S, 73% of Amazon sellers utilize FBA. 

You need to find a freight forwarding company that can understand and deliver your products without any difficulty. Amazon prep center and FBA freight forwarding companies can ship your goods to Amazon from the warehouse. The FBABEE streamlines the Amazon sourcing and shipping procedure. 

As for the supplier, it is better to select the one that offers quality products. Never choose the suppliers that give low-quality products. When you sell these low-quality goods, the customers will give negative reviews, which leads to a decrease in your sales. Hence, it is best to sell quality products at a reasonable price. 

Firstly, you can contact the top or leading suppliers. Analyze their reply and select the company that goes the extra mile and assures quick shipment. After that, receive multiple quotes from different suppliers and choose the company that is compatible with your budget. However, do not choose the company just because they offer a cheaper service. Some freight forwarding companies can deliver express shipping, repacking, air shipping, sea shipping, FNSKU labeling, and free storage as well. 

Step 4: Product Listing 

Every product will have a separate page where you can add a detailed product description. You can include specifications and technical info as well. Make content with relevant and top keywords so that they will rank high. Make sure to follow the below practices for creating listings for your products. They help in making you a successful Amazon seller. 

Product IDs 

In several cases, all the products need to have a Global Trade Item Number (GTIN), for example, UPC, and ISBN, or an EAN. Amazon uses these IDs to examine the product you are selling. Maintaining consistency in the codes can stimulate certainty in the products displayed in the Amazon list. 

Product Title 

Create a title that can give an outline of the product. Make sure to capitalize the initial letter of each word, and the title can be up to 200 characters. 


Make sure to insert the photos with at least 500 x 500 pixels. For premium quality product listing, you can increase the size up to 1,000 x 1,000 pixels. 


Create different tabs, which can display the various types of available colors, sizes, and models of the product. 

Bullet Points 

Use bullet points to emphasize the best features and key benefits of the product. Make sure to list them in short and defining sentences. 

Featured Offer ("Buy Box") 

Keep the featured offer on a detail page. Buyers can put the product in their cart or select the buy now option. 

Product Comparison 

Make a table that can compare the features of your product with other sellers. You can include the price details, sizes, available variants, shipping options, and many more. 

Step 5: Promoting Your Product 

Remember that listing your products on Amazon is not enough to bring traffic to your product. You need to promote your products in as many ways as possible. First of all, social media platforms are quite effective in emphasizing your products. Besides that, you can advertise your product on these platforms. If needed, make a separate account for the products and post content about them every day. Another method for promoting your products is by creating articles on your blogs. 

Our Verdict On Amazon Accounts For Successful Sellers

After careful research and marketing analysis, we made this step-by-step startup guide for becoming a successful Amazon seller. You can follow the above-mentioned steps, which will bring profit to your business and make you a successful ecommerce dealer on

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