Double Hung Windows

double hung windows

Single and double hung windows — products originally from the USA and Australia, often similar designs are found in England. A distinctive feature of double hung windows is the way of opening the doors: they rise upward, less often they move to the side along the wall. This helps save space in apartment buildings, while the window closes hermetically. Such designs are widespread in the US and began to gain popularity all over the world, as many buyers have already been able to appreciate the convenience and beauty of this type of window system. Since a lot of customers are in the dark, which one to choose: double hung vs single hung window? We hope this article will help you understand the difference and make a final decision. 

What Is A Double Hung Window? 

Double hung windows are also called American windows with lift-type sashes are glazed structures, the sashes are sliding, but when they are opened, they rise up. They are very popular in the USA, but less often will such products be found in Canada or other countries. The main peculiarity of this model is high-quality thermal insulation. For example, when the sash is lowered, it is not inferior to an ordinary swing window, and when opened, it saves space and has no risk of breaking in case of severe weather conditions. In addition, the system allows to use the window sill as a stand. 

Features Of Double Hung Windows 

This type of window is so popular among thousands of customers for a number of reasons. Firstly, the windows can be equipped with one or two movable sashes. Such windows have two sashes and open independently of each other in different directions. The sash can be fixed with an expansion joint. Secondly, these elements allow the system to open easily without experiencing resistance from the recoil mechanism. Finally, windows double hung do not require complex maintenance, if necessary, the sash can be folded back into the room, which will allow you to wash the glass without the risk of falling or carrying out any manipulations with the glass. 

Moreover, there are no protruding handles, so you can use any kind of curtains or mechanisms that protect the area from the sun, regardless of how far they should be located from the window. There is a variant of installing press locks instead of the usual window handles, which is also convenient. With the help of these elements, the structure can be opened without unnecessary effort. In order to fully understand the advantages of choosing such windows, order a free consultation from Best Exteriors! 

Why Choose Windows Double Hung? 

Double hung windows have a plethora of benefits. Positive qualities include the following: 

● Attractive appearance that allows the structure to be in harmony with both classic and modern interiors, while not standing out externally, creating a pleasant atmosphere in the room. 

● The convenience of use. There are no protruding handles, which makes it possible not only to conveniently open the window, but also to use any curtains. 

● The unusual appearance of the window can beautify the facade. For the lovers of ancient architecture or Provence style, buying such a window may help implement an idea of the decor of your dream! 

● Long service life (50-70 years). 

● Small children will not be able to open the window on their own, even if it is not equipped with special protection against them. 

● Significant space saving. The person has free access to the window sill, since the window does not require space inside the room, it safely opens the sash, which cannot be broken by a gust of wind. 

Wonderful Windows

These models of windows, which price significantly exceeds the cost of conventional structures made of wood or plastic, may be of different quality. When choosing a design, you need to pay close attention to the manufacturer. For more severe climate areas or in cases where the owner of the room does not care about the classic look of the window and wants to get high-quality sound and heat insulation, the windows can be made of plastic. In terms of quality and technical characteristics, such structures do not differ from ordinary plastic windows, they are not inferior to them in quality and reliability. Windows can be single, double and triple. Double hung windows vs single hung models can be made of wood or plastic, which allows them to be used for any type of structure, to achieve good tightness. Choose your top double hung window variant and buy reliable high-quality windows for the best price!

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