How Effective Google PPC Campaigns Boost Conversions And Reduce Monthly Ad Spend

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Congratulations internet entrepreneur! You’ve launched your business online in the hope of reaching more customers. That’s truly a big step when it comes to taking your business to the next level. 

But now that you’ve put tremendous effort into making your business attractive, building a user- intuitive website, leveraging local SEO, and even running discount programs, you find that you’re still not getting the numbers you were aiming for. 

So, what else can you do to drive traffic for your online business and potentially boost your conversions? Consider paid advertising by Google Ads, commonly known as Google PPC. 

What Is Google PPC Advertising? 

Google pay-per-click advertising (formerly known as AdWords) is a type of marketing model that allows your website or online store to rank on Google’s first page for specific keywords. You pay the advertiser, in this case, Google, every time someone clicks on your advert. 

When you advertise your product, service, site, or business with Google, you have what’s called a Google PPC campaign. 

Often, businesses advertise using expensive channels and strategies and get little to no ROI. But Google paid ads can help you reach your goal of increasing conversions and reducing your ad spend, making your online marketing efforts a lot more efficient. 

Unlike most of the other marketing options in the market, Google’s PPC model is cost-efficient and offers a whole range of benefits, including: 

1. Drive Instant Traffic 

Organic marketing is a great strategy if you’re not looking to get faster results. 

The thing is, it takes a lot of effort, time, and sometimes even money to get your site to rank on Google search’s first page. But with a well-thought-out PPC campaign using the right keywords, you’ll start to see traffic on your site almost immediately. 

More traffic means more conversions and a positive return on your investment. Since you get to see immediate results with PPC advertising, your can make adjustments quickly and find a formula for high ROI.

2. You Only Pay For Clicks 

One of the most attractive features of PPC advertising is that you only pay when a potential customer clicks on the ad. That means you’re only paying for traffic that’s actually interested in what you’re offering. 

Unlike many other advertising options, Google won’t charge you for the reach and impressions your ad makes. Your conversions will outweigh your ad costs if your campaign is good and actually delivers what it promises. 

You can also structure a budget of how much you want to spend on your PPC ads. The budget will allow you to plan result-oriented campaigns that you can afford. 

3. You Get To Target Specific Groups Of People 

Advertising to the general population can be costly and sometimes disappointing, especially if you’re selling a niche product or service. But with Google’s PPC advertising, you can create an effective campaign that targets a specific audience. 

You can filter customer profiles with metrics like location, age, and search queries with Google Ads. That means that your ad will rank on search results of the specific group of people you’re targeting, thereby possibly improving your conversions and keeping your costs down. 

Moreover, you get to measure your campaign’s performance and improve it to reach the target market better. 

4. You Can Successfully Retarget Leads And Customers 

Having an excellent PPC campaign in place and combining it with analytics will provide you with insights into how visitors interact with your campaign. You can then leverage this knowledge to retarget those people who did not convert. 

Picture this - you’ve set up a PPC campaign for a new compost brand. A potential customer clicks on your ad, but they do not buy your product. In this case, you can retarget the visitor with various display ads across the internet to keep your product lingering in their mind. 

Retargeting works on the premise that since the prospect is already interested in your offering, they might need more time to figure out if they really want to go ahead with a purchase. So, by showing your product to them from time to time, you ensure that the visitor is constantly reminded of what they are missing out on, increasing the probability of conversion. 

This ad retargeting strategy is effective since it not only helps convert leads who simply needed a little more urging to buy but also improves brand awareness. You also get to reduce marketing costs since you do not have to create new campaigns to reach out to customers you have already made an impression on. 

5. Your Business Enjoys Exposure To Warm Leads 

Effective Google ad campaigns enable you to connect with consumers actively looking for what you are offering. Since such leads are genuinely in need of what you are selling, you will have a higher chance of converting than with other random leads. 

So, how exactly does exposure to warm leads cut down on advertising expenditure? PPC campaigns easily place your products in front of people interested in them, saving you the cost of advertising to people who are not really looking to buy your offerings right away. 

6. They Provide Stability 

Excellent Google PPC campaigns have an edge over other promotional strategies such as SEO and content marketing since they are more stable. After all, PPC ads do not rely on search engine algorithm updates like these two approaches. 

While changes happen from time to time, PPC algorithms will seldom go through high-impact modifications. For this reason, you can easily tell how your present and future Google Ads campaigns will perform based on previous metrics. 

7. You Can Easily Measure Performance And Improve 

With Google PPC campaigns, it’s easy to gauge your success. You’ll know if a visitor clicked on your advert, if they clicked your ad and then bought your product, downloaded your app, or phoned in an order. By checking the Google AdWords adverts that get the most clicks and those that do not, you’ll know what works so you can direct further investment. 

A Good Google Pay-Per-Click Campaign Will Get You the Numbers You Need To Grow Your Business 

Google PPC advertising is used by millions of companies and sites worldwide to drive online traffic. So, if you are looking to improve your brand’s awareness, boost conversions, and cut down on marketing costs at the same time, you should definitely consider investing in a Google PPC campaign. 

Hopefully, the benefits listed above are compelling enough for you to give this great marketing strategy a try. It's time to unleash the power of PPC!

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