3 Tips To Relocating Your Business Out Of State

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Relocating your business is a labor and financial intensive undertaking and that’s even more true when moving to another state. Of course, that means that lack of proper preparation could mean that logistics alone could spell disaster for the whole move. 

While there may be some businesses you can start with no money, chances are high that yours didn’t start that way and as such, the last thing you want is to have your interstate move cost you dearly. The good news is, with the right tips and planning, your workplace move can be as smooth as possible. 

1. Plan Ahead, WAY Ahead 

A normal business move requires a lot of planning but when you’re relocating to a completely different state, your planning needs to be more intricate and has to start a lot earlier. From things as simple as labeling equipment and contacting relocation companies to reserve availability to timing everything to perfection, every aspect of the move has to be planned for. 

Start at least 3 months prior to the planned move and by making a checklist and at the top of it, put “assemble move team.” This will be the people, usually department heads and other trusted staff, that will be the liaisons for their assigned areas of responsibility. 

Other things you need to consider are: 

• A preliminary move schedule. 

• What assistance and how much time will IT need to move servers, employee computer equipment, PBX systems, etc? 

• Who will be responsible for equipment de-installation or reinstallation? 

• How much furniture is going and what is staying? What requirements and regulations does your new state have and what will it take to ensure compliance? 

You should also hold weekly meetings with IT and your assigned liaisons for move preparation updates. 

2. Coordinate And Save 

Whether you’re an experienced or new entrepreneur, chances are really good that you like to save money wherever possible. However, failing to coordinate with everyone involved could be more costly than you ever imagined. 

Failure to have everything lined out with your data and telecommunications provider could result in costly delays getting business back to running full speed. The same goes for forgetting to fully involve your IT department in the transition of servers and other equipment as it has the added pitfall of your entire staff possibly not being able to work for an unacceptable amount of time. 

And don’t forget to coordinate with your telephone provider to ensure a seamless transition at the new location. 

3. Run Your Business Right During Relocation

While there are various tips that every entrepreneur should know when it comes to owning and operating a business, one tried and true “safety net” that many seem to forget is a good old fashion checklist. Your relocation is going to have a literal ton of moving parts and to keep it all straight and ensure that nothing is overlooked, you have to cover your bases from all angles. 

Leaving it to memory or in hopes (prayers?) that others will do everything they are supposed to is a recipe for disaster. As a quick rundown, here are a few other things you’ll want to have near the top of your interstate move checklist. 

- Ensure that your pending address change is communicated to your clients, customers, and vendors of course, as well as the post office, your bank, any outsourcing services that you will continue to use, and anyone else that may need it. 

- Label or otherwise document which office, boardroom, or closet each piece came from, and where it is going. 

Move Masterfully

While we can’t take all of the headache out of your office move, with these few tips you can indeed have a much smoother transition. Especially if you keep number 1 top of mind during your workplace move.

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