Moving Your Business On A Budget - The Ultimate Guide

moving business on a budget relocating offices

It is expensive to relocate a business because of the obvious and hidden costs involved. This is because you will not be moving equipment and furniture only. If only relocating a company were that simple. 

During the process, there is a loss of revenue, extra public relations costs, and wages for staff help. If you want to move your business, make earlier preparations; thus, get long distance moving quotes from reliable movers. This ensures that everything will work smoothly and be accounted for. 

You have to appoint different people for various tasks. In some situations, you may need a manager who can oversee things, a team leader who will manage human resources, and a financial controller who will track your spending. 

Nonetheless, when you are well organized, things will move smoothly without breaking your bank. To move on a budget, these are things you must observe: 

Calculate Costs 

You can easily set a budget for moving your items, but a hassle to determine all the expenses. So, the first thing you should do is working with real-world costs. Some of these expenses include bring a moving company or buying new furniture. 

In addition, you will be required to pay a lease deposit or down payment when purchasing a new property. Other charges may include the lease termination fee of the old property, broker fees, and cleaning costs. 

Depending on your business, you will also pay for other licenses and permits. 

Staff Wages 

If the staff helps moving business items, you will pay them overtime. In such a situation, you will need an estimated time of how long the move can take to know the amount you need to pay your staff. 

However, if you will be moving during normal office hours, you may not pay for overtime. But remember that you need to work out other costs such as business and revenue lost. 

Moving Company 

All companies aren't the same. Take time to research for the best company, and get their quotes. Add your research time to the budget as well. 

In addition, you need a company experienced in office moving. The more the company is experienced, the more you are likely to keep your costs down. 

Avoid a moving company that will take longer than they quoted. Such companies tend not to bring enough people to the job. This will cause a delay before getting back to business as usual. 


A business should have insurance. It depends on the type of insurance cover you have because you may have to upgrade when moving to a new place. Constant the insurance firm and ensure they don't have hidden expenses. 

In addition, also consider moving insurance. This is because you are likely to have the essential equipment to move to the new office. If the equipment gets damaged in transit, it will disrupt your business and moving costs. 

Another thing to consider is any injuries that occur while moving office equipment. Consider whether the insurance covers such damages. If not, get health insurance coverage for your employees. That's because an injured staff member can ruin your budget if you get sued for workplace injuries.

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