Top 3 Ways Bankruptcy Law Firms Can Benefit By Hiring An SEO Agency

bankruptcy law firm benefits hiring seo agency

If you're an attorney, you already know you need a high-quality website to promote your firm, gather leads, and expand your market reach. Professional websites are no longer an option, but an industry standard. What many attorneys don't realize, however, is the importance of creating a website that goes beyond establishing an online presence and actually brings you more business. 

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the way to create online content that keeps your legal website at the top of search engine results. There are dozens of companies that can help you build a template- based website in just a few hours, but understanding why SEO for bankruptcy lawyers is so important is the key to making your site work for you. 

What Is Search Engine Optimization And Why Is It So Important? 

Search engine optimization is simply the practice of creating online content that is easy for search engines to identify and understand. This allows those search engines to determine where your website should rank in terms of relevance. 

Keywords are the heart and soul of SEO. These are terms that consumers most commonly search for when they are seeking specific information. For example, a website about gardening would need to incorporate keywords like soil, compost, planting, seeds, weeding, and so on. 

A legal site might incorporate keywords like personal injury, divorce, estate law, criminal defense, or bankruptcy, depending on the area of practice. Of course, these are examples of basic keywords. A legal site for a divorce attorney might incorporate dozens of keywords specific to that area of practice. 

Keywords aren't the only aspect of SEO that matters. The style and quality of your content is also important. It isn't enough to simply sprinkle keywords randomly throughout mediocre content. Search engines have become incredibly sophisticated over the years and can detect poor content. 

What Are The Top 3 Ways I Can Benefit From Working With An SEO Agency? 

There are many different benefits to be had from working with a skilled SEO agency. Some of the top reasons to hire a professional for SEO include establishing local marketing dominance, building trust with clients, and bringing in new leads. 

1. Become A Recognized Local Expert 

Great SEO can help your website rank high among search engine results in your local area. While it is always nice to receive national recognition for your professional efforts, law is largely a local profession. 

A solid SEO strategy can establish your firm as an area expert in your field of practice. When prospective clients see your name come up again and again in search results, they unconsciously associate you with the legal topic they are researching. That can lead to the conscious decision to make contact with your office to schedule a consultation. 

2. Become A Trusted Legal Advisor 

Let's face it: many people are distrustful of those within the legal profession, and fear that their legal needs will be viewed as little more than an opportunity for the attorney to profit. When you create a website filled with useful information and expert takes on legal matters, you become a resource for prospective clients. 

It's possible to build trust well in advance of actually making contact with a new client. Many people spend considerable time researching legal firms long before they call the office or fill out an online contact request form. Great SEO can help you bring in clients that already view you as a partner in helping them navigate their legal issues. 

3. Create A Steady Flow Of Leads 

You are probably aware that there are companies out there that sell legal leads. They often promise to help you bring in high volumes of leads with a relatively low investment. In most cases, these services will net you low quality leads that will never turn into flesh-and-blood clients. Even worse, your team will waste valuable time tracking down useless leads. 

The focus of great SEO is high quality content presented in a way that is genuine and organic. This allows prospective clients to feel comfortable that your firm is a source of valuable information and guidance, which is the first step in reaching out to book a face-to-face consultation. 

How Do I Begin Putting SEO To Work For My Law Firm? 

Once you understand the power of great SEO and the opportunities to connect with new clients, you will probably wonder how to boost your own online content. Fortunately, there are SEO experts who can help, and who focus exclusively on creating legal content that gets measurable results. 

Aside from hiring your own in-house SEO expert, finding an outstanding legal SEO firm is the best way to improve your online presence. Consider the results you would like to see and the goals you have for your business, then prepare to discuss those issues with an SEO expert. 

If you're ready to learn more about why SEO for bankruptcy lawyers is so important for bringing in new clients and enhancing your online reputation, reach out for a customized consultation and a discussion of how an experienced SEO team can help you reach your business goals.

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