How To Increase Your Productivity At Work

how to increase your productivity at work

Schedule Your Time Wisely 

It is important to remain fully aware of how much time you are spending on your daily tasks by tracking your work. A recent online study has revealed that only about 17 percent of people have the ability to accurately estimate how much time they spend working on a given task. If you're in the dark, try using the app Tracktime24 and it can help you understand how much time you spend on social media, word processing, emails, and various apps. 

Schedule Breaks Regularly 

When you have a lot of work to get done, chances are that taking a break is the last thing on your mind. However, it has been proven that taking some scheduled breaks every now and then can ensure peak performance and constant concentration throughout your work. Likewise, not taking any breaks will lead to a decline in your productivity. If you have a lot of work to do, the last thing you want to deal with is burnout.

Set Short-Term Goals 

It is important to give your day some meaning and motivate yourself a bit to work harder. Set small short-term goals and deadlines for yourself as it means you have a time limit for when your work should get finished. Believe it or not, some self-imposed stress can help you become more productive and focused as you watch time ticking away. 

Implement The Two-Minute Rule 

Are there any small basic tasks that still need doing? If so, follow along with the two-minute rule. It basically tells you that if you have an unfinished task that you can carry out in two minutes or less, do them all right away. You will actually end up saving time and freeing up your schedule when you don't focus on these miniscule tasks at a later time. It also gives you a feeling of accomplishment to mark off some items on your to-do list as complete, even if they are quicker and easier tasks.

Skip Those Meetings 

The number one way you can hinder your productivity and waste your precious time is to book meetings and attend them. Ultimately, if it is an option for you not to go, just skip participating in meetings altogether. A shocking study has revealed that the average office employee spends at least 31 hours in pointless meetings that don't increase skills or productivity. If a meeting isn't optional for you, consider attending virtually or ask if you can get the information via email or text. 

Host Your Meetings Standing 

Standing meetings are gaining in popularity and they literally are what you would think-- everyone standing during the meeting. Studies have shown that gathered groups that stand are more inclusive and such meetings provide better performance. For unavoidable meetings, this may be your ticket! 

Avoid The Dreaded Multitasking 

Multitasking is often deemed a great skill to have, but did you know that it can actually hold you back? In fact, psychologists agree that multitasking decreases efficiency and often results in lost time. A much better use of your time is to commit to one task, finish it, and then move on. Break larger tasks into manageable pieces if needed and focus on each component with laser-like precision.

Power Up Productivity And Profits 

We all know that time is money in business, so it's time you started practicing that mantra. Keep these top tips in mind to be more efficient while working and improving your company.

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