How Stucco Can Take Your Home Value Higher

how stucco adds home value

When it’s time to move into a new home, most people become concerned about the market value of their old property once they’ve listed it for sale. For this reason, they decide to upgrade their house through various renovations to improve its worth. They can do this by remodeling and repairing different areas, beautifying the exteriors, or adding energy-efficient systems and appliances. 

That being said, it’s usually more profitable to install valuable features in your home prior to selling it. This can be during construction or renovation. By doing this, you’ll spend less money improving your property when it’s already on the market. As a result, you’re more likely to enjoy more profits from the sale of your house. 

Why Stucco Increases The Worth Of Your House 

Several additions during a home’s construction or remodel can be profitable if you’re looking to one day sell the house. Some of the features that can guarantee a good return on investment are energy-efficient systems like solar panels, waterproof hardwood floors, and walk-in showers. One factor that’ll bring more potential buyers to your door is an appealing exterior. One way to improve this aspect of your property is by considering stucco installation. 

Stucco is a building material used for covering a house’s walls. It’s made by mixing sand, cement, water, and lime in some cases. After application, this blend hardens and forms a finish that’s stylish and durable. 

Besides being used for house exteriors, you can utilize this material to decorate your property’s interior. However, regardless of where you install it, stucco is an excellent finish that could increase the value of your home significantly. This is because: 

1. It Is Easier To Maintain 

If correctly installed, stucco could last longer than most paints and several other siding materials. For that reason, this finish is often preferred by more homeowners. Besides that, this substance is easy to conserve. Usually, maintenance only requires annual cleaning and inspection. 

It’s possible for the material to experience cracking or moisture damage. This can happen because of severe seismic movement or harsh weather conditions. Although it’s a common issue with this siding substance, it shouldn’t occur if your contractor mixed the ingredients correctly and installed the finish properly. However, if the material has any issues, stucco repair companies charge affordable rates to their customers. 

Easy cleaning also makes this substance a low-maintenance finish. Usually, all that’s needed in most instances is water and a hose to remove dust. However, if the wall has more dirt, a combination of hot water, detergent, and gentle scrubbing will work just fine. 

To most buyers, walls that are easy to clean, affordable to repair, and generally require low maintenance are often appealing. As a seller, this can be your advantage, and you could get some good cash out of it. 

2. It Helps Reduce Energy Expenses 

Stucco is a sufficient insulant that can prevent heat loss and protect the house against cold air from outside. This ensures that all rooms maintain a comfortable temperature. As a result, the material can help homeowners reduce their cooling and heating expenses. 

Besides that, the stucco finish gets harder and more robust as it ages. Most experts claim that the material can help your house withstand earthquakes and other seismic conditions. In addition, the siding substance is resistant to rot, fire, and pests. Such factors can help homeowners save significantly on fumigation and repair costs. 

stucco boosts property price

3. It Boosts Your House’s Curb Appeal 

In real estate, curb appeal is defined as the attractiveness of a house’s exterior as seen from a street. Stucco adds this characteristic to your property by giving your walls a classic look. Also, since the material requires minimum cleaning, it’s easy to keep your exteriors in pristine condition. 

Aside from that, stucco can help boost your home’s style and character. Usually, manufacturers provide a large variety of textures to choose from. Therefore, you can find an option that complements the other features of your house. 

After picking one, applying it on the outer walls will be an excellent way to enhance your property’s curb appeal. Hence, you can add more value to your home and get some good profits for its sale. 


If you plan to put your house on the market someday, stucco siding could be a valuable improvement to consider. Most people prefer installing it on external walls. However, you can use this material for inner surfaces as well. 

Depending on your preference, this finish can be highly beneficial as it can help you improve the worth of your home. Some of the ways stucco can elevate your property’s value are by giving it better curb appeal, reducing energy costs, and keeping the required maintenance tasks to a minimum.

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