Effective Ways To Market Your Mobile App In 2021

effective ways to market mobile app aso marketing applications

We have an application for everything these days. One to keep our social life active, the other that tracks health progress and another one that just reminds us every hour to drink a glass of water. It exposes how much we are dependent on technology for our daily chores. In a way, it is great because you don't have to worry about remembering too many things. 

When we as the user want to download the application, what aspects do we usually consider? It should be a priority question that every application developer has to answer. The developer creates the app and merely posting it online doesn't get you the response you are looking for. You are required to plan with definitive strategies that fetch you great results. 

Did you know that almost every big brand and over 65% of small businesses have an app developed already! Check the app store on your phone and, I'm sure you'd find an app for your neighbourhood business too. The global app development industry had businesses and consumers spending over $30 billion in just a couple of years ago. So you can imagine the number must have shot up to the sky by 2021 after the shift to digital from the recent global health crisis. 

Here are some of the consideration points when marketing mobile apps to increase downloads, purchases, and usage: 

4 Top Methods For Marketing Your Mobile Application

ASO - App Store Optimization 

It doesn't matter which platform you wish to use - Apple Store or Google Play Store - one thing that stands you apart is how you portray your product. Utilize App Store Optimization to enhance the application's visibility. Improve the description by using relevant words and what meets the user's purpose. 

Provide a free version of your app to attract users. Usually, many would be interested to utilise the application first before making any purchase decision. So, by providing them with what they need, you can gather free advertisements and let word-of-mouth do all the publicity. 

SEO - Search Engine Optimization 

Word travels faster when content is stimulating and enticing to the audience. Create a website only for your app and produce content regularly. By posting frequently, the search engines algorithms work in your favour by showing your content on the top of search results. 

Make sure to mention all the trending words in the content you generate. Sometimes, paid search also gives you a much needed push to stay on the top of the game. There are plenty of SEO tools available at your disposal to assist you in rendering and planning the tasks. 

Email Marketing 

It is one of the underrated means of marketing. For every dollar spent on this, you get 42 dollars return on investment. Technically, that is a massive margin. All you need to do is to carefully craft the email and send it to all your users. The trick is to make it look like a personal interaction at a time. 

To help you gather as many contacts as possible there are many tools available online. GetEmail.io is a freemium website that aids to search an email address in just a matter of seconds. It also comes with a chrome extension to your Linkedin account, wherein finding the contact of the profiles becomes a lot easier. 

Social Media 

Your marketing strategy depends upon how creative one can think of. Social media marketing would mean many things. Right from influencer marketing to podcasts. You name it; you get it. Diverse platforms need diverse approaches. So sit and make a list of how you want to approach the audience. 

You can also create your brand's page on different platforms and create engaging content. It will create a buzz amongst the netizens. The key here is to get the talk going because the second you get out of sight, you are out of thousands of people's minds. Having systematically planned posts and regular engagement with the audience will keep you in the loop and current. 


So overall there are some of the points that I'm sure you will find useful for mobile app marketing. Are there any other points we can add for marketing new mobile applications? Let us know on social media, making sure to share this article link along with your insights!

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