7 Effective Tips For Running An MMA Gym

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In the past few decades, MMA has gained a great deal of popularity. What started out as a novelty where street fighters and dojo masters took part has become a phenomenon where top-notch athletes take part in the most intense form of combat in the world. If you are into martial arts and want to train your own stable of fighters, you should know where to start. Here are seven tips for running an MMA gym. 

1. Invest In Quality Mats 

When it comes to running an MMA gym, the most important thing to invest in is the mat. While a boxing ring or an MMA cage is also a very important aspect of MMA training, it is on the mat that your students and fighters will learn how to fight on the floor. Remember that MMA includes martial arts disciplines such as Judo, Wrestling, and Brazilian Ju-jitsu. This means that your students and fighters will be getting slammed, rolling, and doing a myriad of groundwork on your mats. 

If your mats are subpar, they will be more prone to deteriorating in the long run. This could be very dangerous, because your students will be rolling on the mats, and any mishap on faulty mats could result in injury. 

2. Build A Ring And A Cage For Your Gym 

Aside from your fighter’s ground game, you will also need to hone their striking skills as well. This is where a ring or a cage comes in handy. A ring is important because the squared circle is synonymous with striking arts such as boxing, Muay Thai, and European kickboxing. 

On the other hand, a cage is important because it is the usual arena where MMA fights usually happen. If you have active fighters training at your gym, they will want to have a cage, so that they know how to properly utilize it properly during a fight. 

3. Customize Your Gym Decorations 

If you want your gym to attract clients, it always helps to enhance your gym's decorations as well. Remember that your decorations will add a great deal of personality to your gym. Make it a priority to decorate key aspects of your MMA gym. 

First things first, you should choose your gym lighting options carefully. Remember that most of your trainees will be fighting in well-lit areas so, you should make sure your lighting fixtures are similar to the ones found in the arena. This includes spotlights and neon signs. If you are going to use neon lights to light up your gym, you should invest in custom neon from Gindestar. It is a company that specializes in customized neon lighting at the most affordable prices possible. 

Aside from the lighting,  you could also hang up posters of MMA fighters, to help inspire your trainees to train harder. 

4. Hire Experienced Coaches 

If you want your students and fighters to get the best training possible, it is important that you hire experienced coaches. These are particularly important if you are training active fighters that have fights coming up. Remember that most of your trainees will be young and inexperienced, so having an experienced fighter to mentor them will help form their fighting abilities in the long run. 

5. Follow Proper Hygiene Practices 

When it comes to running an MMA gym, it is very important that you follow proper hygiene practices. Remember that your fighters will be rolling on the mat, sometimes with rash guards or a gi on. Some trainees may even want to train without a t-shirt or top. Skin-to-skin contact is extremely risky because diseases such as staph infection or conjunctivitis could spread throughout the gym very easily. 

Make it a habit to disinfect your mats. Install hand sanitizers all over your gym, and make it a part of gym protocol to have all your trainees wash their hands. You should also wear gloves, and PPE gear when you clean your gym so that it lessens the chances of any infection from spreading. 

It is also a good idea to implement a rule where all your trainees have to take a shower before and after every workout. This might seem like a hassle for some fighters, but it is a lot better than having a staph infection pass from one trainee to another. 

6. Teach Various Disciplines 

If you want your students to be as well-rounded as possible, it really pays to teach them in various disciplines. While some MMA gyms specialize in teaching MMA, which is technically a martial art in itself. However, if you want your trainees to be as well-rounded as possible, it is important that you train them in various disciplines. This will make them more well-rounded and capable of fighting in various fighting styles. 

7. Invest In Various MMA Equipment 

Aside from the mats, ring, and cage, it is important that you invest in other MMA and body conditioning accouterments. First things first, you should invest in quality punching bags and mitts. These pieces of equipment will allow your trainees to practice their striking skills. 

You should also invest in workout gear such as weights, kettlebells, and battle ropes to help your trainees with their conditioning. Remember that fighting is more than just hitting your opponent. Your trainees will need to be able to fight for a certain length of time, so cardio should be a constant part of their training regimen. 


If you are thinking of setting up your very own MMA gym business, you should make sure that you know what you are doing. Remember that you will be investing money into this venture, and it would be a waste if you don’t know how to run it properly. With these tips, you’ll be able to run your MMA gym as effectively and efficiently as possible.

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