Why Are Motorcycle Accidents Fatal?

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Traffic accidents are ever-increasing and they are causing fatalities and resulting in damage of millions of dollars every year. But motorcycle accidents are the most dangerous accidents. Motorcycle riders are not covered by a vehicular frame like that in a car, the only protection they have is their helmet and their clothes. So when they crash, the injuries are more severe and chances of death are also high. 

Why Do They Happen? 

Motorcycles are thrilling and exciting to ride. They are compact so you can navigate through traffic easily and save your precious time. But motorcycles have little safety, a crash can result in spinal injuries and burns are even more likely to occur. These accidents can occur due to many reasons such as negligent driving. Driving under the influence of alcohol can also cause accidents and deadly disasters. 

The road conditions can also cause motorcycle accidents, such as potholes, debris, and unmaintained roads. Motorcycle riders will face difficulty in controlling their bike on such roads and this can result in a crash. 

Injuries And Fatalities 

Motorcycle injuries are a serious matter. They are unlike anything you would see in a car accident. Some common injuries are: 

• Head injuries can cause concussions and brain damage. 

• Road Rash is a common injury because when a rider falls they slide along the road. The friction between the rider and the road can cause severe damage to skin tissues. 

• Broken bones and fractured joints in places such as the pelvis and shoulders are common. In some cases, if the biker collides with an object it can result in broken ribs. 

• Nerve damage can occur due to spinal cord injuries or other severed nerves. This can lead to permanent paralysis. 

• Facial injuries are common and they can lead to disfigurement. Deaths in motorcycle accidents are high and according to a statistic, the chance of dying in a motorcycle accident is 29 times higher than in a car accident. 

That is why some medical professionals grimly refer to motorcycles as "donor cycles" due to their perished victims donating organs.

Why Should You Get Legal Help? 

If you were recently involved in a motorcycle accident that happened due to the fault of another driver. Then you should get legal help because they can help you get compensated fairly. 

A legal counsel would help you through all the legal technicalities. First of all, they will file the claim against the at-fault party. They will make sure that you do not say anything that will harm your case. 

In most cases, the at-fault party tries to settle the claim out of court. They also use tactics that make you settle for less money. The legal counsel will help you calculate all of your damages that include the diminished value of your vehicle, the injuries that occurred to you, and other losses such as absence from work. 

They will also investigate and find out the causes of negligence by the at-fault party. They will gather evidence to make sure that your case is strong in the settlement court. A legal counsel will make sure that you get compensated fairly so they also take into account the long-term effects of your injury. 

A motorcycle accident law firm in Houston can help you in your legal proceedings and make sure that you get the best possible settlement.

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