Features Of A Super Pocket Bike: Precautions To Be Taken

features super pocket bike motorcycle precautions

There are various types of motor vehicles that are available around the globe for our needs. People with different lifestyles have different choices. Accordingly, engineers designed a category of small bikes such as pocket bikes, dirt bikes, cruisers, choppers, etc. Here we are going to discuss pocket bikes. 

What Are Pocket Bikes? 

Pocket Bikes are a miniature version of standard sports bikes and are mostly used for racing and fun purposes. They are small in size and have fewer parts than usual full-size vehicles. Available in various models depending on the specific uses or needs. The super pocket bike has some additional features than regular pocket bikes. X7 Bullet, R32 4-stroke, X18 R 4- stroke, X19CR 4-stroke, ZX1 4-stroke, are some models of super pocket bikes that are available in the market. 

Many motorcycle racers who take part in moto racing first learn through minimoto racing. Here are the names of some world champions of minimoto racing, Valentino Rossi (Italian), Loris Capirossi (Italian), Nobuatsu Aoki (Japanese). Alec Tague, who is 39 years old, made the latest land speed record that reached 78 MPH on a 12-inch bike. Before him, an old record made by An American racer named Dave Myers, that is 63.888 MPH. 


Small motorbikes have been around since the ’50s in between North Americans. They came into existence after mechanical carts became common. There are some sports which were played with these types of bikes. In the ’60s, minibikes were rarely available in some states. During the ’70s, bike racing became a famous sport in japan. They were not using very expensive or high-tech machines. After that, Italians started enjoying the sport and were using better quality bikes and high tech engines. Later in the ’90s, the sport became popular in entire Europe. The Swiss pocket bike championship was created in 1996, and it grew very fast. Pocket bike racing was one of the fastest-growing sports in Europe and also spread in Asia and North America. 

How Are Super Pocket Bikes Different? 

Super pocket bikes are pocket bikes that are for racing purposes and rode by professional riders. Super pocket bikes have better seats, adjustable suspension, electric start, and sidekicks, which are attached to the frame. Most of the super pocket bikes are just miniature versions of normal sports bikes consisting of all the essential equipment. The additional equipment may not be present in general pocket bikes as superbikes provide signal lights, horns, manual shifting, key ignition system. 


● 49cc two-stroke engines and 110cc four-stroke engines variants are available mostly. 
● Available in gas, oil, and electric engines. 
● Fuel capacity of 1.5litres. 
● It can speed up to 50-70mph and more for different variants. 
● Most of the pocket bikes have a steel body(weighs between 20 to 65 kgs) and small size(about two feet). 
● Entry-level bikes produce 3 to 4 hp while racing a super pocket bike can have power output up to11 to 12 hp. 
● It costs up to $200 for a low Chinese model and $5,000 for the well equipped Italian model. 

Features Of Supers Pocket Bikes 

● Super sports bikes have higher speeds than normal pocket bikes. 
● Because of the small size, it will acquire less space while turning, which is essential for racers. 
● Prices of these bikes are less than our full-sized bikes. 
● Have comfortable cushion seats. 
● Stylish design which looks very attractive on the racing tracks 

Are They Legal In All Areas? 

Many countries and municipalities have banned pocket bikes as they are not allowed to run on public streets, sidewalks, and trails because of their structure. This is because many entry-level pocket bikes don’t equip with essential equipment like side indicators, horns, mirrors that violate traffic rules. As it is dangerous to drive in public, you are only allowed to drive them around your private property. If you violate these rules and drive unregistered vehicles or drive without insurance or license, it is considered a punishable act, and you have to give a penalty for that. 

Precautions To Be Taken While Riding The Bike 

As we have seen, the operation of Pocket Bikes is illegal on public roadways in many cities. But still, if any rider is driving in any area, either it is a track or public place, then they must have to take some precautions. 

As pocket Bikes are smaller in size, they still can reach top speed. If you get into an accident it may cause massive injuries so you must follow the following precautions: 

1) You must have to wear a certified helmet 
2) You should take care of the speed limit as per given by the authorities 
3) Register your bike to the corresponding government authorities 
4) Always carry your driving license 
5) Get your bike insured. 

Decide On The Right Super Pocket Bike

Here, we have read all about the pocket bikes, super pocket bikes and their specifications, uses, origins, and the difference between them. We can say that Pocket bikes are designed for racing purpose, and many people use it as just for leisure. So now you can easily decide whether or not you should bring home one.

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