Things To Do After A Car Accident

things to do after a car accident steps vehicle crash

Knowing how to behave and what to do right after an accident can ultimately spell the difference between a good and full recovery and a bad one. Panicking won’t help you. The more that you calm down and gather your thoughts, the more pleasing your accident’s outcome will be. 

When you figure in an accident, there are things that you must do to achieve better overall outcome. While every driver wants to avoid an accident as much as they can, this risk is always present once you’re on the road. Thus, it helps to know the things you must do once an accident happens so that if it does happen, you’re prepared for it. 

The following steps can guide you after a vehicle crash: 

1. Stop And Don’t Drive Away 

Whether it’s your fault or not, don’t move. It's better to stop, stay, and not drive away. Wait for the authorities to come. And, when you do, don’t change the position of the cars. This is a very important step for you to undertake, so that a correct and proper investigation can be made regarding the accident. If there’ll be changes in the positions, these might alter the outcome of the police investigation. 

Wait for the police authorities to do the moving of the vehicles so it can be done safely and accurately. 

2. Exchange Information With The Other Parties 

While you’re still at the accident scene, take the time to exchange information with the other parties. This is needed so it’d be easier for you to contact each other until the car accident is settled. 

Here are some of the most important pieces of information that you have to take note of: 

• The exact location of the accident 
• The full name, address, and contact information of everyone involved in the accident 
• The full names, addresses, and contact information of potential witnesses 
• The insurance provider (for coverage purposes) 
• The license and plate number, along with specific description of the car 

As you exchange information with the other parties in the accident, be sure that you won’t discuss anything related to fault. This may hamper some parts of your insurance claim.  Ideally, you can only talk about this in the presence of your lawyer, such as one from

3. Check For Injuries 

Life is always more important than property. So, before anything else, you should check for any injuries—not just your injuries, but also those of the other driver and passengers. If you have any, even if it’s only minimal, bring yourself to the hospital right away. Remember that not all injuries are immediately apparent. Some of these may be internal, so it’s important that a doctor will give you a medial check to determine the extent of your injuries. 

Some of the most common injuries that can come out of a car accident are: 

• Whiplash:  This is the most common term to encompass tendon, muscle, and ligament injuries in a car accident. These can cause strain to your muscles. 

• Head Injuries:  While these injuries may be apparent, unfortunately, they could be serious as these could lead to life-long effects. If not treated properly, a head injury can cause long-term problems with brain function. 

• Broken Bones:  Depending on the strength of the impact, broken bones in the shoulders, arms, or hips can happen. 

Along this line, it’s important that you also keep all of the documentation given by your doctor. This should include prescription for medicines and any necessary treatment. These are needed to prove your insurance claims for compensation. 

steps after vehicle crash what to do next

4. Protect The Scene 

Apart from not moving out of the scene until the authorities come, you also need to protect the scene. This means putting up signs or flares, or keeping your flashers on. That way, all the other motorists who may pass through the area are alerted of the accident that just happened. Also, you won’t cause any damage to motorists that are unaware of the traffic obstruction brought about by the accident. 

Hence, as a proactive approach, you may also want to have an emergency kit with you all the time in your car. It can be as simple as having neon reflectors, which can come in handy should the accident happen at night. 

5. Call 911 And The Police 

Whatever happens, never let your accident slip without first calling the authorities, such as the police and 911. 

The police, most especially, are required to fill out an accident report so that the scene can be properly documented. Without this legal documentation, you may have a hard time bringing your case to court when it comes to your claims. 

As to the emergency medical authorities, 911 can help give the right first aid before you’re given a proper and full-blown check in the hospital. That way, you won’t worsen injuries that you or any other party may have obtained from the accident. 

6. Make An Accurate Record Of The Accident 

Don’t just rely on the records of the police per se. While you’re at the scene of the accident and while you still remember the important details, take note of these. Write them down, and take photos. 

Doing so can give you the guarantee that you’ll be able to remember everything. Don't rely on your mental memory of the accident. After all the emotions you go through, your mind may be going through a lot of stress and anxiety. This can disrupt any memory you may have of the circumstances surrounding your accident. 

When you keep an accurate record of the accident, you’ll have facts to go through with your lawyer when filing your claim

Car Crash Conclusion 

Accidents are pretty common. While most of these will only result in damage to property, there are also those that may have injuries or, worse, death involved. There’s also no denying that a car accident can send you on a frenzy of emotions. But, you must not let it get the best of you. It's up to you to ensure that you achieve best possible outcome. While vehicle accidents may be daunting and stressful, the steps above can help you successfully go through all the medical and legal procedures that come after a car accident.

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