3 Social Media Campaign Ideas To Try

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Implementing social media campaigns for your business or product offering can greatly increase customer interaction and ultimately lead to more sales. The key element for social media marketing is utilizing popular social media platforms to gain the attention of more customers or re-target existing customers. For our modern digital age, some of the most popular social media campaigns include hosting weekly live-stream events, having product giveaways, and posting social media posts with popular hashtags. You can read more here for more ways on how you can increase your brand awareness with the power of social media. 

Top 3 Social Media Marketing Campaign Ideas

1. Conduct Weekly Live Streams 

Live stream events hosted by a company influencer are ideal for creating more buzz about the product or service. These events encourage interaction with attendees and can be held on platforms such as Instagram Live, YouTube Live, and Facebook Live. Live streams enable the host to chat with customers and new visitors in real-time that can include announcing a new product release, an upcoming contest, or a Q&A session to obtain customer feedback. The goal is to get people talking about your business and build brand awareness around your products or services. Most individuals on social media seek information about their favorite social media influencers, new products, or trending memes. 

If you decide to create live stream events for your business, it’s best to host one weekly to instill a sense of consistency or perhaps even several days in the week for more engagement. During these live streaming events, it’s recommended to be entertaining and informative at the same time to capture and retain the attention of your viewers. And don't forget to save your live streamed audio or video to be published on other social media marketing platforms and subscription services as well to amplify the value and reach of your stream.

2. Host Product Giveaways On Social Media

A product giveaway is like a free sample that can immediately pique the interest of potential customers that also creates a sense of “hype” in the social media community. When a business introduces a new product, they often give away free samples to obtain product feedback and gauge customer response. People can be hesitant to try something new if they have to pay significant money to have it, but if some portion of the product or service is free, they will at least be compelled to try it one time. If they like it, they will come back to buy it and refer their friends or relatives to your business because your product was impressive. 

3. Publish Hashtag-Oriented Media Posts 

Hashtags are identifiers for social media posts that are used to help people find a topic they are interested in. By conducting a simple search for a keyword or particular hashtag on Instagram or Twitter, for example, individuals can look up their favorite topics or a new trend that is taking place on social media. Hashtag-oriented media posts are widely used by online businesses to create business-to-customer (B2C) interaction. 

When selecting between social media hashtags, it’s important to note which hashtags to select. There is a distinction between hashtags that are way too general for social media marketing (SMM) and hashtags that are too elaborate or can’t be found. A good place to start to decide on which hashtags to use is by looking at other hashtags that are being used for well-known social media influencers that are in the same industry as your business. Hashtags are best used that when they are short and memorable rather than using too many words in one tag during SMM. 

Smart Social Selling Strategies 

There is a lot of social media marketing going on in the world today, but not all of it is getting real results. Keep these 3 top SMM campaign ideas in mind to get the most bang for your buck in business.

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