5 Powerful Tips Before Going Live On Facebook

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Facebook is one of the oldest and most influential social media platforms there is. It has a vast audience of all age groups and is an amazing platform to market your brand from. It is very important to keep up with the updated features that Facebook keeps introducing for all of its users. Facebook live, although it has been around for awhile now, is one such feature that every business should make the most of. A live stream allows you to interact with your audience and build a stronger bond. A live stream can prove very fruitful especially in times like these when the entire world is virtual. You can address various topics through a live stream and it adds authenticity to your brand since it isn't an edited and professionally produced video. 

Read on to learn the 5 most powerful tips that will help you make the most of your Facebook live video and make it a success. 

1) Take Care Of The Technicals

One of the most basic yet important points is to make sure that all your technicalities are taken care of. Ensure that you have a strong connection to the internet. Having a high resolution video and a clear audio is the first step to make sure that your audience is kept engaged during the entire duration of your live stream. Make sure to have a test session before your live stream so that you can work out all these basic kinks. Make sure that you place your camera in a steady position. Have a well lit background so that your audience can see you clearly. Having a clear video and audio makes a lot of difference in making sure that your live stream is a hit amongst your audience. After all, if these basic features are not perfect, your audience will eventually lose interest and disconnect from your live stream. 

2) Interact With Audiences

 The next point to keep in mind while going live from your Facebook account is to make sure that you take this opportunity to interact with your audience. Audience engagement is a very important aspect when it comes to social media marketing and doing a live stream is the perfect chance to do so. When you go live, you can set aside some time towards the end where you can take questions from your audience. You can see who is online and watch and refer to them individually. Make an effort and strike a conversation. This makes them feel important and included in your life. Once in a while you can also invite someone from your audience to join you in the live. If you want to build a loyal follower count then you need to personalise your approach. Make the live stream interactive, ask questions, answer their queries and talk to them generally, this will help you make them feel included and keeps them engaged. So the next time you live stream on facebook, make sure to engage and connect with your audience. 

3) Time Is A Top Priority 

While you are engaging, it is important that you give your audience a good amount of time. When you are looking to make the most of your facebook live stream, there is another point that you need to keep in mind is to broadcast for longer periods of time. Make sure that you spend time with your audience, figure out what they like and what kind of content they are looking forward to. Broadcasting for a longer period of time will also help you reach more people. If you are online for a long time, it is possible that more and more people are going to join in out of curiosity. It helps you build a bond. Spending time with your audience will help you connect with your audience. Try giving your audience a little more time the next time you live stream and you can see the difference for yourself. 

4) Plan Ahead 

When you are going to live stream, it is important that you plan in advance. Decide a particular day, time and also a topic that you would be talking on. Make sure that you tell your audience ahead of time when you’re planning to broadcast. This helps make sure that your audience is ready for you and they have cleared their schedule and are ready to attend your live concert. Make sure that you use facebook stories and also posts to inform your audience when you are planning to go live. Get the word out. Also, use all the other social media platforms to get the word out. The more you talk about your impending live stream, the more your audience will be looking forward to it. If you disclose the topic of your live stream, it helps keep your viewers hooked and they will want to log in to your live stream. Informing them in advance helps make sure that you have gotten the word out and all of your followers are aware about the live. This will help you get more views on Facebook when you go live. 

5) Brainstorm Creative Topics Of Discussion And Potential Responses 

This point is one of the most important points, make sure that you put in a lot of effort to make your live stream creative. Think of various interesting topics. Explore the different creative ways in which you can interact with your audience. Creativity is the key, it will help your audience stay tuned in and will peak their interest. You need to make sure that you come up with interesting practices and go live often to increase your engagement with your audience. 

Leverage Live On Facebook

Make sure to explore all the 5 points the next time you go live on Facebook for your business. These points help you get more engagement on facebook and increase your credibility online with your growing business audience. 

Luckily you can also share the link to live Facebook videos in Groups, Events, or Profiles pages or other social platforms to amplify it after the fact for those who couldn't tune in live. You can even download the live filmed video file and use it directly on other social media marketing platforms for additional reach. These tactics just add to the potential power and value of Facebook live video marketing.

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