5 Benefits Of Using Freight Management System Software

benefits using freight management system software small businesses

The entrepreneurial economy is booming by the second and entrepreneurs comprise a major percentage of small and medium sized organizations worldwide. A pointing issue that small companies struggle with is that of shipping their goods to different locations as the number of steps that go into shipping can be pretty overwhelming and difficult for first-timers. 

The most important factor in shipping is optimizing the supply chain to make it cost and time effective, which can only be done by using a reputed freight management system software like the one by Freight Data International. Listed below are five benefits of using freight management software for small companies: 

1. Freight Management Software Is Cost Efficient 

Freight management software helps shippers in numerous ways in avoiding wastage and order delays and hence is very cost effective. Shippers can save up to 10% of their wastage costs by using a freight management software and also control their inventory accordingly. 

The costs of manually maintaining inventory and invoicing can add up to over thousands dollars per year in addition to the costs associated with human error. However, by using reliable freight management software, companies can save additional costs. 

2. Freight Management Software Is Customizable 

Shippers can customize most freight management software in accordance with their individual needs and business operations, and won’t have to incur a huge amount of cost either. Especially if small companies are dealing with a large order for the first time, representatives from the freight management software provider willingly work hand-in-hand with the company to ensure order fulfilment and delivery go about without a hiccup. 

3. Freight Management Software Helps Grow Your Business 

Freight management software helps small companies grow as it enables them to come at par with large scale businesses that have access to sophisticated logistics technology and in-built solutions. Freight management software gives small companies the tools that they need to compete with large scale business and gives them the opportunity to optimize their business operations. 

4. Freight Management Software Is Cloud Based 

Freight management system software is essentially cloud based and hence the shipper of the company can use the software from multiple locations and for multiple vendors, without having to hire an IT team or any IT professionals. 

Since most freight management software is cloud based, the service provider is responsible for maintaining and implementing sophisticated IT systems that keep hackers at bay. Hence, the small companies availing such services can be rest assured that their data is safe and away from any malware. 

5. Freight Management Software Aids Data Analysis 

Shippers can get access to their company’s performance data, customer data, location based data, etc. by using a freight management software readily. Access to such real-time data enables companies to make sound operational decisions in crisis situations. Additionally, access to real-time data enables them to maintain a small inventory with them (hence saving up on warehouse costs) or to adopt a just-in-time inventory system. 

In addition to the above, such analytics also enable companies to make other important conclusions such as which products sell out faster at a certain time during the year, which products lag behind in sales, etc. This enables them to optimize their production and service offering as well.

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