5 Ad Tech & Martech Tools To Use In Your Marketing Strategy And Why

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The sheer number of martech and ad tech tools available today overwhelms every marketer – you're not alone. 

There are hundreds of game-changing technologies out there. Having a great tech stack can make your life as a marketer easier. Automations to save time, analytics to provide insights, and tools that help your campaigns make the biggest impact they can on your audience. The applications for martech and adtech are seemingly endless for marketers and businesses. 

According to Statista, last year the US spent $242.54 billion on advertising. Money is being poured into marketing budgets for advertising but is it being spent efficiently? Having the right adtech and martech tools at your disposal can ensure your business gets the best return on its marketing dollars. 

But with so many ad software options out there, what marketing technology tools are the ones you really need? To simplify things for you, here is a list of 5 essential adtech and match tools that you should be incorporating into your marketing strategy. 

5 Top Ad Tech And Martech Tools To Try

1. Analytics Tools 

You might be a small business who wants to find out who is paying attention to your brand. Or you are a brand with a more established online presence that wants to take your engagement with your audience to the next level. Either way, top analytics tools and SaaS programs are an essential part of your stack. 

Collecting data to analyze and understand your audience helps you understand where your marketing strategies are hitting their goals and where they are flopping. These insights allow you to change tactics and ensure your campaigns are having the biggest impact possible. 

You can start simple with free tools like Google Analytics or for enterprise businesses you can dive into interactive martech tools such as DataOne. Here you can combine all your analytics in one place and make it easy to present this information to others in your organization. 

2. CRM 

A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software is a key martech for any business. Use your CRM to track and manage interactions your business has with its customers. Your CRM will play a vital role in nurturing your leads, pushing them through your sales funnel, and converting them into customers. 

CRMs often come with handy extra integrations that help you manage other aspects of your marketing strategy such as email campaigns. There are a ton of great options out there from Hubspot to Salesforce to suit any size business. 

3. Ad Server 

Unsurprisingly enough, the definition of an ad server is not that well-known to modern marketers, as most of them use other tools for digital advertising now. Yet, ad servers are the foundation of all digital advertising and are a vital tool in your marketing strategy. If you are buying display ads online in large quantities, there is no better way to do this than with an ad server. 

An ad server gives you control of your advertising operations. It allows you to cut out the middleman and buy ads directly from publishers. Not only this it gives you a greater amount of creative control on your ads and more in-depth analytics to gain insights you can use for future ad strategies. 

4. A/B Testing 

Your marketing team should always be testing and tweaking campaigns. You want to make adjustments in copy, design, audiences, and more to increase conversions and create a great user experience. 

A/B testing tools allow you to test out various versions of a piece of content such as a landing page or display ads to see if small changes make a difference to performance. For example, you may try a landing page with 2 different images to see which one will convert more users into buyers. 

5. Ad Forecasting 

You never want to randomly throw your ad budget at expensive ad inventory. You need to accurately budget for your ad buying to avoid wasteful spending or fraudulent platforms. 

With ad tech software that focuses on ad forecasting, you can gain actionable insights into your audience's media consumption to generate approximate costs of various inventory. You can then use these top program insights to optimize your ad spend and ensure the biggest return for your ad dollars. 

Top Tech Tools Conclusion

Getting the best results from your marketing strategy means you need the right adtech and martech tools. The newest technologies allow you to streamline your marketing efforts, creating greater efficiencies. You can more effectively spend every dollar of your marketing budget with the automation and insights that these tools provide you.

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