Choosing A Photo Booth NYC Rental Company That’s Perfect For Your Event

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Using a photo booth for your business’s future events can be fun. But since there are many providers that you can choose from, it’s pretty challenging to decide which one to pick. Here are things to keep in mind to find a photo booth NYC companies would surely love to have at their gatherings or parties. 

How Much Is Their Asking Price? 

How much you’d want to shell out for renting a photo booth will hinge on your overall budget for your event. So, you should limit your options to those companies within a specific price range. Also, a wedding photo booth rental NYC company would charge differently from those who mainly cater to symposiums and conventions. 

But you need to recognize that going for the cheapest options might not be suitable for you if you want to have high-quality photos and unique concepts. Still, going for the most expensive rental companies won’t guarantee that you’ll get the best experience. So, find a balance between quality and value. 

Besides the price, you should also consider the sales tax, since it would be added to the base price. 

Do They Have The Right Qualities? 

These are the main factors to look into when choosing a photo booth rental company for your event. 

Type Of Photo Booths 

Not all photo booth NYC companies offer the same kind of setup. Some will use enclosed photo booths where your guests would be hidden from everyone’s view. Although these kinds of setup would be perfect for venues with cramped spaces, the lighting might not be the best. They have their flashes placed too close to the guest, which could affect the photo’s quality. These flashes are also a bit small, so the shadows become more pronounced. Moreover, the number of people who could take a picture at one time will be limited to only 2 or 3 persons. 

On the other hand, open-air photo booths aren’t enclosed, but they have a central control area where the equipment is located. So, you could use different backgrounds or even a view of the scenery to liven up guests’ photos. This would also allow a larger group of people to take a picture while the lighting situation is much better than enclosed setups. 


Being able to print on the spot will be pretty convenient for the guests, but not all photo booths offer the same quality with this feature. One of the biggest problems with this kind of service is that it often has issues with brightness, color accuracy, or both. 

If your guests end up taking a picture on a photo booth that has these issues, their photos may look okay on the setup’s screen, but the prints might tell a different story. They may come out looking too pale, too dark, or too bright. 

So, choosing the right photo booth rental company is essential if you want to have high-quality prints. These companies usually know how to color-match the images from what guests see on the screen. 


Lighting can make or break any photo you capture. Knowing the right way to set up a photo booth to get the right amount of light will lead to better-looking images. Also, light modifiers or devices that you can use to improve the lighting situation in any venue can make your photos look better since they help soften shadows and distribute light more equally. 

Only experienced photo booth rental Brooklyn companies that offer open-air setups can surely achieve the right lighting right from the get-go. So, it might serve you well if you ask them about this factor or if they have equipment for venues with less than stellar lighting. 


Although it might seem like an afterthought, props can be used to make photos more lively. But it’s pretty standard for photo booth rental companies that offer less than stellar service to use low-quality props. So, if you’re on your third try to capture the best photo because your props are causing lighting issues, it means that you’ve been screwed over. 


Backdrops are essential for any photo booth. Some rental companies use different kinds of fabrics that would show more wrinkles and creases, while others prefer those with legs that won’t cause guests to trip on them. 

Most of the best rental companies use backgrounds that fit well with the prints or are related to the event itself. This is especially true for vintage photo booth rental companies to get a certain vibe on their photos that harks back to the past. Having backdrops that won’t be a tripping hazard would also ensure that your guests won’t be exposed to such risk, and everything would run smoothly. 

How Good Is Their Customer Service? 

Looking for past clients’ reviews of your prospective photo booth rental in NYC is crucial. Doing your research before you avail of their services would help you feel more confident with your choice. Also, companies with a few reviews don’t necessarily mean that they offer a subpar service, but it’s riskier than more established options. 

So, going for a well-reviewed photo booth rental company will ensure that you’ll be getting the level of service that you expect. 

What Kind Of Photobooth Solutions Do They Offer? 

Photo booth companies offer many solutions and ideas to differentiate themselves from their competitors, but some of these add-ons could increase the price you need to pay. They also need to do this to survive in the age of Instagram and Snapchat, where almost everyone can take well-edited photos and share them online. 

One of the trendiest add-ons today is the social media wall, where you can rent an LED screen to display the photos taken by the photo booth, which are uploaded by guests on the internet. 

Most companies also offer social media sharing, real-time uploads, filters, GIFs, video capture, and more. So, if you’re looking for a specific feature, you should shortlist those companies that offer them. You should also make sure how much they charge for these add-ons or if they come free. By doing so, you won’t go over your budget. 


You need to look into a number of factors when hiring a photo booth NYC rental company before you make your final decision. If you know what type of photo booth fits your event, the features you want to have, and the level of service you expect, you’ll have an easier time narrowing down your options. It would also significantly reduce your chances of going way over your budget, which is crucial if you are on a tight one. 

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