Is Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Worth The Price?

is samsung galaxy note 20 worth the price

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 lineup is made of two phones with similar features and almost identical specs. Being a flagship productivity-focused smartphone, it also bears a price tag to match its capabilities. What makes everyone wonder a simple question: Is Samsung Galaxy Note 20 worth the money still in 2023? 

The first debate revolves around the two versions of the Note 20. There is the standard Note 20 and the Ultra. The standard Galaxy Note 20 has a launch price of $999. For that amount of money you get the latest Exynos 990 5G platform with an Octa-core CPU, 256 GB of internal storage, 8 GB of RAM, 1080 by 2400 screen, and a 4,300 mAh battery. The Ultra is priced at $1,299 and has the same CPU and chipset, the same storage, 4 GB extra of RAM, a higher resolution display, a marginally larger screen, and a mildly better camera. 

Comparing the two, the standard and the Ultra, the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is the clear winner. It offers better value for money with only a few compromises here and there. Even if it has a marginally smaller battery, it offers the same autonomy of a full charge due to its smaller display and lower resolution. The performance is the same since both smartphones come with the same chipset and CPU configuration. Even if the Ultra has 4 GB more RAM, for regular usage, it should not make any difference. 

Coming Back To The Question: Is Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Worth The Money? 

The answer is yes. Even if it is a rather expensive handheld, the standard version of the Note 20 is worth spending money on for the average user. The Ultra version caters more to professionals and advanced users that need a highly functional and practical productivity tool that coincidentally is also a very capable smartphone. Both of them come with 5G which is a plus but it is still too early for this wireless technology. Carriers are still in the process of implementing 5G to the fullest extent, although some are already touting 10G connections. 

A Question Of Affordability? 

Yes, smartphones are getting more and more expensive but only when looking at flagship devices. Mid-range smartphones offer plenty of performance for not a lot of money. The Note 20 clearly falls into the first category and has a premium price tag. Many will be tempted to pay the retail price rather than to lock themselves into a subscription contract. 

For users that still think that the price of the Galaxy Note 20 makes it unreachable, there are options. Carriers started adding the Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra in their offers as part of subscription packages that come with considerable discounts. Depending on how much you are willing to pay on your monthly subscription, you may even get the Note 20 for free. 

The Bottom Line On Samsung Note 20 Smartphones

The ones that can get the Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra at the retail price will get a premium smartphone that is well worth the price. For the ones that are not willing to spend this much on a handheld, there is the option to get it at a discounted price from various carriers. Regardless of the option, the answer to is the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 worth the price is a clear yes.

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