How To Access TikTok On A PC

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If you are still deciding whether TikTok is worth checking out, let us nudge you a little in the right direction. Knowing the platform’s origins helps with understanding how to use it and have fun in the process. 

TikTok was created in China back in 2016. It was first introduced under a different name only within the country, so it is completely fine that you haven’t heard about it 5 years ago. The app has grown extremely popular having gathered about 100 million unique users that have contributed over a billion views within only one year. Now the overall user base is closer to 1 billion people and trillions of video views in 2024! 

These numbers might overwhelm you and scare off your motivation to work on your TikTok influencer career. But there is no need to give up yet because TikTok’s algorithms still allow anyone to find their audience and be seen. Moreover, you can speed up the process and tiktok fans buy. 

One of the key factors to its popularity was the platform it was designed for. TikTok was and still remains a mobile-only social media. This means that it cannot be accessed from a tablet, a laptop, or a PC. Considering that almost 4 billion people around the globe are active smartphone users, this does not really limit the app’s potential reach. It does make it more unique and addictive though. Using the app from your phone fully emerges you into the world of endless content. Whereas open tabs of your desktop browser remind you that you have other things on your agenda as well. 

It is, nevertheless, natural that you might want to be able to use the app from your computer. Maybe, your phone is broken and you want to forget the stress of it while watching TikTok. Or, perhaps, you just decided to buy Tik Tok fans and want to set everything up from your laptop. Whatever the reason is we are going to describe a way to access the platform from a PC below. 

Remember when we said that the app can only be accessed from a smartphone? Well, this is still true. Naturally, using it any other way is, in fact, a little complicated. As we know, TikTok is quite different from any other social media out there. So, it should come with no surprise that while other social media platforms have desktop apps or web versions available, TikTok stands out from the crowd and provides no easy way to watch clips on the big screen. Prepare for having to find ways around the system, if you are determined on accessing TikTok from your computer. 

The first thing you need to be aware of is the fact that TikTok does have a website that you can visit. Much like in the case of Instagram, the website’s interface is far more limited than the original mobile app. The website allows you to log in, watch videos, and upload content. While you can also get fans on tiktok from your desktop, there is, however, a wide range of things you cannot do from the desktop. For example, you cannot use any type of search or properly edit the video you’re uploading with effects. So, if you’re thinking of using it for uploading content, make sure to edit the video beforehand. 

So, how exactly do you get a full TikTok experience from a desktop? The key is rather simple to using TikTok on a PC. You have to install an emulator. An emulator is a software that allows a computer system to act like another one. The technology is extremely popular among hardcore gamers who seek access to old classics, as well as used in offices for the convenience of syncing up different hardware. This will allow you to have your computer act as a smartphone, which will provide you with full access to TikTok’s functions. Emulators are available for all sorts of operating systems and devices. Google the name of the emulator you choose or go simply with “install an emulator”. 

Once you found the right link, download the file and install the software. Make sure to follow the instructions you find on the website of the provider or along with the downloaded file. Once you got your emulator up and running, there is not much trouble you have to go through now. Once you sign in to the freshly installed software, find the search bar and look for TikTok. Install the app to your computer, and voila! All this should not be too hard as the emulator makes the process exactly the same as it is on your mobile device. After TikTok is installed, all that is left to do is log in and enter the world of endless content and get fans tik tok time and time again. 

Note that most emulators offer an Android experience, so if you are looking for one made by Apple, you will probably be disappointed. Apple does not have its own emulator, and the ones that can be found on the Internet tend to glitch and cause errors on your computer. So, if that is what you are after make sure to back everything up and not use any other apps whenever you use the emulator for TikTok use on a personal computer laptop.

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