4 Most Profitable Crypto Trading Platforms

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The crypto market is still developing and not fully regulated. The new market is often compared to the wild west and the present day gold rush which occurred during the evolution of America’s western frontier. The common driving factor of these two frontiers is huge profits. Back in the day, individuals travelled to the west in the hunt for gold depots. Today, tech gurus and modern investors and traders are undertaking a new risk by innovating a new disruptive asset class in cryptocurrencies unlike anything witnessed before. 

The cryptocurrency market began after the inception of Bitcoin back in 2008 by the anonymous Satoshi Nakamoto. About 12 years later, the market has hugely broadened to thousands of cryptocurrency projects and can now stand shoulder to shoulder with forex, stocks, commodities and others as a proper and established global financial market. 

At the heart of the crypto market is crypto trading platforms such as exchanges and brokers. These platforms are where investors and traders meet to generate as much gains as possible from these emerging digital gems which are proving to be more profitable than ever in 2021. However, not all these trading platforms are designed in the same way. Some are a whole lot better than others in terms of reliability and also profitability. 

These platforms differ in features, services provided and tools available which helps them to stand out against their rivals. Everyone has different needs when it comes to trading cryptocurrencies and it's only you can decide which platform to trade in. Some of the key factors to consider when choosing a platform include: 

• Fees and commission 
• Safety and security 
• Reliability 
• Supported assets 
• Features and tools 
• Trading experience and interface 

Now that you are aware of the main factors to consider, here is a list of the most profitable trading platforms you can choose from: 

Best Crypto Trading Platforms For The Most Gains In 2021 

1. Bitcoin Era 

In today's crypto trading market, the Bitcoin Era platform is one of the most popular crypto apps in the world. The platform application functions by linking up cryptocurrency traders with popular and reliable brokers who ensure the trades are profitable in the end. The good thing is that the Bitcoin Era has partnered with top brokers regulated by the financial authorities in their respective jurisdictions. 

New traders are required to register by visiting the Bitcoin Era website and providing the necessary registration details. The only details required to finish up the process are your first and last name, email address, phone number and a reliable password. After successfully verifying your account, you are assigned a broker who will call you and guide you through the entire process of live trading. The minimum investment amount is $250, which is deposited through the assigned broker. 

One key factor that makes the Bitcoin Era platform stand out is the reliable customer service team. Clients can receive help from both the assigned brokers, and the platform's customer service team. Besides, all the personal information is encrypted and the system is not prone to hacking. Learn more about Bitcoin Era by visiting its official website.

2. Coinbase 

As the world’s largest broker, Coinbase is available to users in more than 55 countries as of  March 2021. The broker is based in San Francisco, California and it is backed by a host of trusted investors. The platform raised over half a billion dollars as of August 2020. Since its inception back in 2012, the broker has facilitated the transaction of more than $455 billion and has more than 40 million verified users who are holding more than $100 billion worth of digital assets. 

The America-based exchange facilitates the buying and selling of Bitcoin and over 20 cryptocurrencies. Besides, it also supports various fiat currencies such as USD, GPB, EURO,Sterling Pound and several others.  Moreover, Coinbase also established the Global Digital Asset Exchange (GDAX) in 2016 which helps high-volume professional traders to trade seamlessly through various pro features and functionalities only available on the platform. 

3. eToro 

eToro is a many sided trading platform that allows its users to trade digital currencies, commodities, stocks, and currencies. The Israel-based platform has millions of users from more than 100 nations. Etoro first added Bitcoin in 2013, and it has added support for many other cryptocurrencies with Litecoin included since then. 

Generally, eToro provides its users with two modes of trading Litecoin. You can purchase crypto tokens without leverages, and the underlying coin is preserved under cold storage by the broker for you. Alternatively, you can trade coins through a contract for difference (CFD) whereby you don’t own the base asset but rather speculate on its prospective price. 

4. SoFi Invest 

SoFi is also based in San Francisco, California which came into the limelight for refinancing students loans. The platform has been in existence for more than ten years and boasts a user base of over 1 million people. The firm’s investing platform also allows users to invest in a range of products which includes equity traded funds (ETFs), stocks, and cryptocurrencies. Its popularity is driven by the fact that it charges zero fees for stock trading. 

The  platform added support for cryptocurrencies back in 2019. The supported cryptos include Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Ethereum Classic. 

Final Thoughts On Top Cryptocurrency Trading Platforms

Cryptocurrency trading is hugely gaining traction across the world and many people are now entering the new financial market. Many cryptocurrency platforms still exist and more are being launched everyday. Besides, the security measures of digital assets keep evolving which makes cryptocurrency users assured that their assets are secure and safe from hackers.

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