Penji Review: Unlimited Graphic Design Service Rating

penji review graphic design service provider rating

The process of hiring a graphic designer comes with a lot of variations. Throughout the years, as our technologies evolve, so do the online services it offers. Its unlimited graphic design business model became an alternative, offering graphic design services on a monthly subscription. This helps businesses to outsource graphic design to save money on in-house graphic designers along with software that can be quite expensive. 

Penji Reviewed And Rated

Penji is one of the online design services that offer this unique business model. Below we will review Penji services for companies that could benefit from graphic design experts and work at low prices.

First, you will need to sign up with your preferred plan depending on your design needs. Next, you have complete reigns on how many design projects you want on your account. Take note that each request will be made one at a time until your queue of requests is completed. It is a design service that promises an excellent additional resource for your team. Penji offers a convenient unlimited source for your graphic design assets that will surely improve your business’ branding. It has a high rating overall on many review websites for business services and graphic designers, although it isn't perfect by any means.

Of course, this sounds too good to be true for many businesses. Let’s dive in for a full honest review of Penji. 

Design Service Overview 

Along with other online design services, there are pros and cons to using Penji. To help you decide whether this highly rated unlimited graphic design service is worth your time, check out the reviewed list below. 


• User-friendly 

• Storage for all requested designs 

• Most projects have a fast turnover rate. Then, the account owner will receive the first draft within 24 to 48 hours. It depends if the assigned designer has questions about the project. A revision takes at least 24 hours. 

• Penji has convenient features such as team member invite, revision tool, brand profile, and more. 

• Direct communication with the design team assigned to the account 

• Designers are quick to translate ideas into creative outputs. 

• The account manager is dedicated and responsive to queries, typically replies within a few hours. 


• You can only contact designers and account managers through Penji’s online portal. Take note that the entire conversation is via chat. So you can’t call the team.

• It is best if you have pending design projects to take advantage of its unlimited features. 

• Penji is currently unavailable as an app. 

Penji Review: Benefits 

Arrange Your Priorities 

Currently, the eCommerce business is highly competitive. In fact, according to WebFX’s statistics, at least 73% of business owners chose to invest in graphic design as it helps give their brand a push against competitors. Instead of hiring an in-house designer, or a freelancer, save yourselves from the stress of the lengthy hiring process. It is best to choose a seasoned online graphic design service that is already trusted by thousands of brands. 

No Hidden Fees 

If you are considering hiring an in-house designer and freelance graphic designer, it is inevitable to have additional fees. Of course, a freelance designer is preferable if you don’t have a constant need for graphic design. However, if you need an unlimited source of designs to make your brand stand out, Penji is the best option. The service is at a flat rate of whichever plan you choose, and it has no hidden fees for revisions. 

Creative Collaboration 

Penji hires only talented graphic designers all over the world. Each passed through a strict design test before entering the team. In each design project, Penji encourages the customers to be as detailed as possible for the requirements. It doesn’t matter if you only guide them through words. You can also grab a reference online to help you translate your ideas. 

After receiving the request, your assigned designer will do their magic and transform your requirements into a 100% unique illustration. If you don’t like the first draft, it is not a problem. You can always pinpoint the revisions until both of you reach a satisfying output. 

Who Would Benefit From Penji’s Services 

• Business owners 
• Marketers 
• Merch sellers 
• Agencies 
• Blog owners 
• Professionals with consistent design requirements 
• Companies needing to do outsourcing

If you don’t have a constant need for graphic design outputs, your bill will only pile up after a few months. A worst-case scenario is you won’t see any value in Penji’s subscription. However, if you happen to fit in Penji’s target demographics, then this unlimited graphic design service is perfect for you. Personally, the speed and quality of Penji’s designers can easily rival other existing services out there. 

Penji Review: Monthly Pricing 

Penji Pro Plan
• $399/month 
• Graphic design only 
• Unlimited design projects 
• Unlimited brands 
• One designer 
• Two users 

Penji Team Plan 

• $499/month 
• Penji’s most popular plan 
• Everything in Pro 
• Website & app design 
• Custom illustrations 
• Infographics 
• Five users 

Penji Agency Plan 

• $899/month 
• Team plan + double output 
• Everything in Team Plan
• Two designers 
• Ten users 
• Prioritized customer support 

A Final Note On Our Penji Review

In the end, Penji is one of the best unlimited graphic design services online. As we weigh the pros and cons, it proves that its unique business model is worthy of consideration. So if you find you or your business is in dire need of an unlimited supply of designs. It is best to choose a vetted online service like Penji. It is best to save yourself from the long process of searching for a trustworthy graphic designer with the Penji platform in 2023.

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